China Airlines Group W14 Operation Changes as of 13AUG14

2nd Update at 0230GMT 14AUG14

China Airlines Group on Wednesday (13AUG14) revised majority of its Winter 2014/15 operations, effective 26OCT14. Latest service adjustment as follow.

Kaohsiung – Bangkok GDS timetable listing is not displaying this 5 weekly service, however reservation is still open on/after 26OCT14
Kaohsiung – Manila 4 weekly service operated by Boeing 737-800, replacing Mandarin Airlines E190 aircraft (Sep/Oct 2014)
Kaohsiung – Okinawa Mandarin Airlines service convert from Summer seasonal to year-round, with 4 weekly E190 service on/after 26OCT14. Reservation is currently unavailable
AE280 KHH0835 – 1120OKA E90 x257
AE281 OKA1220 – 1310KHH E90 x257

Kaohsiung – Sapporo Service converts from Summer seasonal to year-round, with 3 weekly 737-800 service on/after 26OCT14. Reservation is currently unavailable
CI134 KHH1300 – 1800CTS 738 257
CI135 CTS1900 – 2300KHH 738 257

Kaohsiung – Seoul Incheon Introduction of 2nd daily service, operating in the afternoon/evening hours
CI164 KHH0700 – 1035ICN 738 D
CI138 KHH1650 – 2025ICN 738 D

CI165 ICN1135 – 1335KHH 738 D
CI139 ICN2125 – 2325KHH 738 D

Kaohsiung – Xiamen Mandarin Airlines 3 weekly service operates with China Airlines 737-800, replacing Embraer E190 (Sep/Oct 2014)
Taichung – Hong Kong Planned 2nd daily Boeing 737-800 operation cancelled. Mandarin Airlines continues to operate 737-800 on 1 of 4 daily flights, however it’ll operate in the afternoon/evening hours
AE1841 RMQ1645 – 1820HKG 738 x6
AE1841 RMQ1655 – 1830HKG 738 6

AE1842 HKG1935 – 2105RMQ 738 D

Taichung – Osaka Kansai China Airlines service on/after 26OCT14 is closed for reservation, currently operates daily with 737-800
Taichung – Seoul Incheon Mandarin Airlines plans to offer this route once again on daily basis with Embraer E190 from 26OCT14. Reservation is currently not available
AE7398 RMQ0905 – 1225ICN E90 D
AE7399 ICN1335 – 1515RMQ E90 D

Taipei Taoyuan – Bangkok – Amsterdam 26OCT14 – 05JAN15 Service reduces from 7 to 6 weekly (Except 15DEC14 – 29DEC14)
Taipei Taoyuan – Frankfurt Service reduces from 5 weekly to 4 weekly during following period: 17NOV14 – 07DEC14, 23DEC14 – 04JAN15, 19JAN15 – 01FEB15
Taipei Taoyuan – Ho Chi Minh City 26OCT14 – 30NOV14 Boeing 777-300ER operates on CI781/782 (Previously scheduled from 01NOV14; However Inventory continues to display A330 from 26OCT14 to 31OCT14)
Taipei Taoyuan – Hong Kong 26OCT14 – 30NOV14 Boeing 777-300ER operates on CI919/920 (Previously scheduled from 01NOV14; However Inventory continues to display other aircraft type from 26OCT14 to 31OCT14; CI601/602 from 01OCT14 to 30NOV14)
Taipei Taoyuan – Jakarta 01DEC14 – 01MAR15 Nonstop service operated by A330-300 instead of A340-300 on Day 56 (Day 2 only from 01FEB15 – 01MAR15)
Taipei Taoyuan – Los Angeles Service reduces from 14 to 13 weekly, CI006/005 cancelled on Thursdays for entire Winter 2014/15 season (Planned 777-300ER replacing 747-400 from 01DEC14 remains unchanged)
Taipei Taoyuan – Nagoya Increase from 13 to 14 weekly
CI154 TPE0655 – 1025NGO 738 135
CI154 TPE0815 – 1145NGO 738 x135
CI150 TPE1715 – 2050NGO 333 D

CI151 NGO0950 – 1220TPE 333 D
CI155 NGO1140 – 1410TPE 738 5
CI155 NGO1155 – 1420TPE 738 3
CI155 NGO1155 – 1425TPE 738 1
CI155 NGO1315 – 1545TPE 738 x135

Taipei Taoyuan – Osaka Kansai Operational aircraft changes on CI156/157 and CI172/173 (No changes to CI158/159)
26OCT14 – 31JAN15 Daily 747-400 (333 on Day 5 from 01DEC14 to 31JAN15)
01FEB15 – 29MAR15 Boeing 777-300ER to operate on Day 345, replacing 747-400 (A330 operates on Day 7 in Feb 2015; one-off 777-300ER scheduled on 01FEB15, Day 7)

26OCT14 – 31JAN15 A330-300/A340-300 operation
01FEB15 – 28MAR15 Boeing 747-400 operates on Day x1, A330-300 on Day 1

Taipei Taoyuan – Shanghai Pu Dong
CI505/506 (weekly service) operates with A340-300 in Feb 2015

Planned 777-300ER on this route remains unchanged:
CI501/502 eff 01DEC14 Day x3 (Daily from 02FEB15)
CI503/504 eff 01FEB15 Day 345 (one-off 777-300ER scheduled on 01FEB15, Day 7)

Taipei Taoyuan – Tokyo Narita CI100/101 to operate with Boeing 747-400 on daily basis
Taipei Taoyuan – Toyama eff 29DEC14 Service operates 2 weekly instead of 4 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Vancouver Airbus A340-300 operates entire Winter season, planned Boeing 747-400 operation during peak season is cancelled. Service operates 6 weekly from 26OCT14 to 26JAN15, 5 weekly from 27JAN15 to 27MAR15

Previously reported changes:
Taipei Taoyuan – Bangkok 26OCT14 – 30NOV14 Boeing 777-300ER operates on CI835/836
Taipei Taoyuan – Brisbane – Auckland 01DEC14 – 01MAR15 Boeing 747-400 replaces A330-300, introduction of 4th weekly service (AKL overall increases to 8 weekly)
Taipei Taoyuan – Busan Service increases from 1 to 2 daily, 737-800 operation
Taipei Taoyuan – Delhi Winter seasonal 1 weekly terminator service cancelled (Overall remains 2 weekly with Taipei – Delhi – Rome operation)
Taipei Taoyuan – New York JFK eff 02FEB15 Boeing 777-300ER replaces 747-400, 3 times a week. New York JFK becomes nonstop, replacing 1-stop via Anchorage
Taipei Taoyuan – Sydney – Christchurch 01DEC14 – 01MAR15 NEW 3 weekly seasonal service on board A330-300 (TPE SYD increases from 4 weekly to daily)
Taipei Taoyuan – Tokyo Narita – Honolulu A330-300 continues operation, replacing 747-400

Original Update filed at 2130GMT 13AUG14