THAI W14 Asia Operation Changes as of 06OCT14

THAI on 01/02OCT14 further adjusted planned operations in Asia for Winter 2014/15 season, from 26OCT14. Latest service adjustment as follow.

Bangkok – Colombo 01FEB15 – 28MAR15 Planned 5 weekly service during this period remains unchanged, however operational aircraft changes from A320 to A330, except Day 14 in Feb 2015 (Day 25 from CMB)
Bangkok – Denpasar 15DEC14 – 31DEC14 Service Increase from 5 to 7 weekly
Bangkok – Fukuoka Planned Boeing 787 service from 26OCT14, delayed until 01NOV14
Bangkok – Guangzhou eff 18DEC14 TG678/679 Day 46 service operated by Boeing 777-200ER, replacing A330 (Day 6 only from 31JAN15)
TG668 BKK0950 – 1330CAN 330 D
TG678 BKK1525 – 1905CAN EQV D

TG669 CAN1440 – 1700BKK 330 D
TG679 CAN2025 – 2245BKK EQV D

Bangkok – Ho Chi Minh Planned Boeing 787 service on TG556/557 from 26OCT14, delayed until 01NOV14
Bangkok – Hyderabad Service increases from 5 to 6 weekly
TG329 BKK2215 – 0030+1HYD 320 x2
TG330 HYD0125 – 0625BKK 320 x3

Bangkok – Jakarta eff 16DEC14 TG435/436 afternoon service operated by A330, replacing planned A320 (Service does not operate from 26OCT14 to 15DEC14)
TG433 BKK0820 – 1155CGK 772 D
TG435 BKK1425 – 1800CGK 330 246

TG434 CGK1305 – 1635BKK 772 D
TG436 CGK1910 – 2240BKK 330 246

Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur 03JAN15 – 31JAN15 TG415/416 on Day 6 operated by Boeing 777-200ER, replacing A330-300
Bangkok – Macau Service to Macau will continue to operate at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi from 26OCT14, while resuming 2nd daily service. The airline previously planned to move operation to Bangkok Don Mueang
TG2670 BKK0805 – 1150MFM 320 D
TG2676 BKK1620 – 2005MFM 320 D

TG2671 MFM1235 – 1420BKK 320 D
TG2677 MFM2050 – 2235BKK 320 D