Update as of 27NOV14: Ukraine International Airlines Adds New Routes in S15

Ukraine International Airlines is continuing planned service expansion in Summer 2015 season, with additional 4 short-/medium-haul routes being added. General information as follow.

Kiev – Amman eff 07APR15 2 weekly 737-500/Embraer E190 (3 weekly from 26APR15)
Kiev – Zaporizhia eff 31MAR15 4 weekly 737-500/Embraer E190
Lviv – Bologna eff 25JUN15 1 weekly 737-400 (until 11SEP15)
Lviv – Madrid eff 21JUN15 1 weekly 737-400 (until 21SEP15)

Previously reported new routes:
Kharkiv – Tel Aviv eff 17MAY15 1 weekly Embraer E190 (2nd weekly with 737-500 from 03JUN15 to 10SEP15)
Lviv – Tel Aviv eff 20MAY15 1 weekly 737-700
Odessa – Kharkiv eff 22JUN15 2 weekly 737-500/Embraer E190 (until 29SEP15)
Odessa – Lviv eff 20JUN15 2 weekly 737-400/-500 (until 04OCT15)
Odessa – Moscow Domodedovo eff 25APR15 3 weekly 737-800 (5 weekly from 04JUN15)
Odessa – St. Petersburg eff 29APR15 2 weekly Embraer E190 (3 weekly from 19JUN15 to 11SEP15 with 734/E190)
Odessa – Vilnius eff 27JUN15 2 weekly 737-400 (until 14SEP15)