tigerair Taiwan Increases Macau Service in S15

tigerair Taiwan from 29MAR15 is increasing operations to Macau, with additional weekly service added from both Kaohsiung and Taipei. Operational day and schedule change is also in effect.

Kaohsiung – Macau Increase from 3 to 4 weekly
IT321 KHH1940 – 2120MFM 320 x147
IT322 MFM0900 – 1040KHH 320 x147

Taipei Taoyuan – Macau Increase from 10 to 11 weekly
IT301 TPE0630 – 0820MFM 320 x147
IT303 TPE2130 – 2320MFM 320 D

IT304 MFM0140 – 0330TPE 320 D
IT302 MFM2210 – 2355TPE 320 x147