Pobeda Expands Operations from Feb 2015

AEROFLOT Group’s low-cost unit Pobeda in February 2015 is expanding operations on a number of routes. Planned operation as follow.

eff 06FEB15 Moscow Vnukovo – Adler/Sochi NEW 2 weekly service on scheduled basis
DP113 VKO1535 – 1755AER 73H 7
DP111 VKO1900 – 2120AER 73H 5

DP114 AER1845 – 2105VKO 73H 7
DP112 AER2210 – 0030+1VKO 73H 5

eff 07FEB15 Moscow Vnukovo – Nizhnevartovsk NEW 1 daily service
DP239 VKO0125 – 0645NJC 73H D
DP240 NJC0755 – 0930VKO 73H D

eff 09FEB15 Moscow Vnukovo – Ekaterinburg Increase from 2 to 3 daily
DP407 VKO0600 – 1020SVX 73H D
DP408 SVX1110 – 1140VKO 73H D

eff 14FEB15 Moscow Vnukovo – Perm NEW 1 daily service
DP433 VKO0100 – 0520PEE 73H D
DP434 PEE0610 – 0630VKO 73H D

eff 21FEB15 Moscow Vnukovo – Tyumen Increase from 1 to 2 daily
DP449 VKO0100 – 0540TJM 73H D
DP450 TJM0635 – 0730VKO 73H D