Singapore Airlines Outlines A380/Boeing 777 Premium Economy Operations from Aug 2015

In recent GDS inventory update, Singapore Airlines has outlined planned Premium Economy Class service, which will be gradually introduced from August 2015, on Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300ER fleet. As of 01FEB15, planned introductory date of Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A380 Premium Economy Class as follow. Note all dates are listed until 31JAN16, due to schedule listing. Effective dates and operational days, is based on Singapore departure.

Reservations for Premium Economy Class will be available in the coming weeks.

Airbus A380 Premium Economy
Configuration: F12 J60 S36 Y333 or F12 J86 S36 Y245 (Current 3-class: F12 J60 Y399 or F12 J86 Y311)
eff 09AUG15 Singapore – Sydney SQ221/232
eff 28AUG15 Singapore – Hong Kong SQ856/861 Gradual increase to daily by 07SEP15
eff 28AUG15 Singapore – London Heathrow SQ322/317 (SQ308/321 from 17DEC15)
eff 18SEP15 Singapore – Beijing SQ802/807
eff 18SEP15 Singapore – Shanghai Pu Dong SQ830/833
eff 28SEP15 Singapore – Paris CDG
eff 13OCT15 Singapore – Delhi SQ406/403
eff 21OCT15 Singapore – Mumbai SQ424/423
eff 25OCT15 Singapore – Auckland
eff 01DEC15 Singapore – Tokyo Narita – Los Angeles
eff 14DEC15 Singapore – Frankfurt – New York JFK 2 weekly (Day 15; 4 weekly Day x347 from 26DEC15; 6 weekly Day x3 from 19JAN15)
eff 27DEC15 Singapore – Zurich 3 weekly (Day 357; 6 weekly Day x2 from 06JAN15)

Boeing 777-300ER Premium Economy
Configuration: F4 J48 S28 Y184 (Current 3-class: F8 J42 Y228)
eff 12AUG15 Singapore – Sydney SQ231/222
eff 31AUG15 Singapore – Hong Kong SQ866/865 Gradual increase to daily by 10SEP15
eff 02SEP15 Singapore – London Heathrow SQ306/305
eff 24SEP15 Singapore – Frankfurt SQ326/325 2 weekly (Day 47; 4 weekly Day x136 from 25OCT15; 5 weekly Day x36 from 03NOV15; Daily from 30NOV15)
eff 20OCT15 Singapore – Munich – Manchester 2 weekly (Day 25; 4 weekly Day x147 from 27OCT15; Daily from 01DEC15)
eff 05JAN16 Singapore – Dubai SQ494/495 3 weekly (Day 256)
eff 06JAN16 Singapore – Seoul Incheon – San Francisco 2 weekly (Day 37)

Planned Premium Economy Class service introductory dates, as well as operational routes and flights remain subject to change. Booking code, according to Sabre timetable listing, is S / T / P.