UNITED Ends Houston – Dallas Love Field Service from mid-March 0215

UNITED from 16MAR15 is cancelling Houston – Dallas Love Field service, as the airline closed reservation for this 7 daily flights. The following is the operational schedule for the week of 16MAR15:

UA6048 IAH0725 – 0834DAL ERJ D
UA6081 IAH0900 – 1007DAL ERJ D
UA6107 IAH1135 – 1237DAL ER3 6
UA6107 IAH1140 – 1242DAL ERJ x236
UA6107 IAH1140 – 1242DAL ER3 3
UA6128 IAH1419 – 1524DAL ERJ D
UA6141 IAH1540 – 1645DAL ERJ D
UA5786 IAH1745 – 1850DAL ERJ D
UA5795 IAH2112 – 2216DAL ERJ x6

UA4273 DAL0645 – 0753IAH ERJ x7
UA4423 DAL0645 – 0753IAH ERJ 7
UA4480 DAL0918 – 1026IAH ERJ x26
UA4519 DAL0918 – 1026IAH ERJ 2
UA4673 DAL1002 – 1110IAH ERJ 6
UA4519 DAL1040 – 1148IAH ERJ x2
UA4673 DAL1252 – 1400IAH ERJ 2
UA4702 DAL1307 – 1415IAH ER3 6
UA4680 DAL1312 – 1420IAH ER3 3
UA4680 DAL1312 – 1420IAH ERJ x236
UA4705 DAL1554 – 1702IAH ERJ D
UA4720 DAL1715 – 1822IAH ERJ D
UA5949 DAL1920 – 2027IAH ERJ x6