KLM S16 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 06APR15

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in the past 7 days gradually updated its Summer 2016 long-haul operation, effective 27MAR16. Based on the week of 05APR15’s OAG Schedules Analyser update, as well as GDS timetable listing, initial changes as follow.

Amsterdam – Calgary Boeing 777-200ER operates daily in S16, replacing 4 weekly 777-200ER and 3 weekly A330-200 in S15
Amsterdam – Hangzhou Boeing 777-200ER continues operation during Summer season on/after 27MAR16, 3 times a week. (Boeing 787-9 scheduled from 02MAR16 to 26MAR16 only)
Amsterdam – Lima Boeing 777-300ER operation increases from 4 to 5 weekly (Day x27), -200ER operates 2 weekly (Day 27)
Amsterdam – Montreal Airbus A330-300 operates daily, replacing 6 weekly A330-300 and 1 weekly -200 in S15
Amsterdam – Tokyo Narita KL861/862 daily service to be operated by 777-200ER 4 times a week (Day x247 from AMS), 747-400 3 times a week (Day 247)
Amsterdam – Toronto Operational aircraft gradually moving to A330, as Boeing 747 operation reduced
KL691/692 332 Day 347 333 Day x347
KL695/696 332 Day 13 333 Day 4 74E Day 25

Amsterdam – Vancouver Boeing 777-200ER operates daily in S16, replacing A330-300 in S15
Amsterdam – Washington Dulles Operational aircraft changes in effect. Operational aircraft from 27MAR16 to 30APR16: 772 Day x36 332 Day 36

Previously reported changes:
Amsterdam – Bogota – Cali – Amsterdam Addition of 4th weekly service, 777-200ER operates in NS16, same as NS15
Amsterdam – Chengdu Boeing 787-9 replaces 747-400COMBI
Amsterdam – Kigali – Entebbe – Amsterdam KL535 3 weekly service operates with A330-300, replacing -200
Amsterdam – Quito – Guayaquil – Amsterdam Boeing 787-9 operates daily, replacing 5 weekly 777-200ER and 2 weekly 787-9 in W15
Amsterdam – Rio de Janeiro Addition of 7th weekly service, 777-200ER operation

Note the OAG’s schedule listing is displaying schedule until first week of May 2016. Additional information will appear on Airline Route in the next few weeks.