Finnair Outlines Airbus A350-900XWB Operations from October 2015

3rd Update at 0840GMT 09APR15

Finnair on Wednesday night (08APR15) outlined planned Airbus A350-900XWB operations. Initially the new 297-seater Airbus A350 aircraft will be operating regional routes within Europe from early-October 2015, before entering scheduled operation on long-haul route from the launch of Winter 2015/16 season.

Planned Airbus A350-900XWB operations as follow.

Regional Operation:
05OCT15 Helsinki – Rovaniemi AY421/428
05OCT15 Helsinki – Oulu AY369
06OCT15 Helsinki – London Heathrow AY831/840. A350 also operates AY995/996 from 15OCT15 to 15NOV15 on daily basis (except certain dates in Oct 2015)
07OCT15 Helsinki – Frankfurt AY821/822 on 07OCT15, 19OCT15, 22OCT15, 09NOV15, 12NOV15, 16NOV15
07OCT15 Helsinki – Stockholm AY645/650
08OCT15 Helsinki – Copenhagen AY667/668. A350 also operates AY661/666 on 18OCT15
08OCT15 Helsinki – Paris CDG AY871/890
09OCT15 Helsinki – Amsterdam AY841/842
09OCT15 Helsinki – Oslo AY659/660
10OCT15 Helsinki – Barcelona AY3271/3270 on 10OCT15, 17OCT15, 24OCT15; AY3269/3272 on 11OCT15, 18OCT15
10OCT15 Helsinki – Malaga AY737/738 on 10OCT15, 12OCT15, 17OCT15
11OCT15 Helsinki – Hamburg AY851/852
12OCT15 Helsinki – Brussels AY811/812 Service on 12OCT15, 16OCT15, 20OCT15, 21OCT15, 06NOV15, 10NOV15, 13NOV15, 17NOV15, 20NOV15, and Day 34 from 03FEB16
13OCT15 Helsinki – Berlin Tegel AY911/912
13OCT15 Helsinki – Gothenburg AY677/674
14OCT15 Helsinki – Dusseldorf AY703/704
14OCT15 Helsinki – Vienna AY767/768. A350 also operates AY765/766 on 23OCT15, and Day 36 from 07NOV15 to 21NOV15
15OCT15 Helsinki – Munich AY803/804

Some flights currently listed as outbound flight operated by A350, inbound flights to be updated in the next few hours. Other flights, dates, routes may also be added during the schedule update.

Flights to Rovaniemi and Oulu will be sold in Economy Class as Y297 configuration, European service sold as 2-class J46Y251.

Long-Haul Operation:
eff 25OCT15 Helsinki – Shanghai Pu Dong 1 daily (except following dates in Nov 2015: 02/03/16)
eff 21NOV15 Helsinki – Beijing 1 daily
eff 04DEC15 Helsinki – Bangkok AY089/090 1 daily (Previously listed as 01DEC15 in GDS schedule listing)
eff 01FEB16 Helsinki – Hong Kong 1 daily
eff 05MAY16 Helsinki – Singapore 1 daily (Finnair as of 0800hrs GMT 09APR15 further updated planned schedule, to reflect the launch date posted on its website, previously displayed as eff 28MAR16, screenshot below)

Schedules for Summer 2016 season currently listed until April 2016 for most of long-haul routes. Planned A350-900XWB operational routes, dates and specifically mentioned flights, remain subject to change, as last minute changes to other aircraft type is highly possible. Effective dates listed above is based on Helsinki departure.

Original Update filed at 0215GMT 09APR15