KLM W15 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 04JUL15

KLM this week further revised planned winter 2015/16 operations, due to begin from 25OCT15. Latest update for International operation, as of 04JUL15 as follow.

Amsterdam – Abu Dhabi – Bahrain Further revision to planned Boeing 787-9 operation
25OCT15 – 29NOV15 Day x25 (Day 25: 777-200ER; Departure days from AMS, previously planned Day x35)
30NOV15 – 28FEB16 Daily (unchanged)
29FEB16 – 25MAR16 Daily (Previously planned Day 6 operated by 777-200ER)

Amsterdam – Aruba – Bonarie – Amsterdam 3 of 5 weekly service operated by A330-300, replacing -200
Amsterdam – Bogota – Cali – Amsterdam Boeing 777-200ER continues operation for the entire Northern Winter season, replacing 747-400COMBI (previous plan for 747COMBI: 25OCT15 – 29FEB16)
Amsterdam – Cairo eff 29FEB16 Boeing 787-9 replaces 777-200ER on 2 of 4 weekly flights (previous plan: 30NOV15)
Amsterdam – Calgary eff 29FEB16 Boeing 777-200ER replaces A330-200 for the remainder of winter season, 6 weekly
Amsterdam – Dubai eff 30NOV15 Boeing 787-9 replaces 777-200ER on 4 of 7 weekly (Day x257 from AMS, Day x136 from DXB)
Amsterdam – Havana eff 18JAN16 A330-300 replaces -200, 4 weekly
Amsterdam – Quito – Guayaquil – Amsterdam Boeing 787-9 operating on 2 of 7 weekly flights from 02DEC15, is postponed till 27MAR16 (Daily 787-9 from 27MAR16)
Amsterdam – Rio de Janeiro
eff 04DEC15 Boeing 787-9 operates 2 weekly flights, replacing 777-200ER (previous 787-9 service entry was 01MAR16)
eff 15DEC15 Overall frequency for Northern Winter season reduced from 6 to 5 weekly. 787-9 operates all 5 weekly flights from 01MAR16 to 26MAR16
Amsterdam – Tokyo Narita Revised operational aircraft changes. Planned Boeing 777-300ER service is now cancelled:
25OCT15 – 29NOV15 74E Daily
30NOV15 – 26MAR16 74E Day 246 772 Day x246

Amsterdam – Xiamen Planned Boeing 787-9 service from 03DEC15, delayed to 27MAR16

As a result of this past week’s schedule update, revised Boeing 787-9 service entry based on dates as follow:
eff 25OCT15 Amsterdam – Abu Dhabi – Bahrain
eff 30NOV15 Amsterdam – Dubai
eff 04DEC15 Amsterdam – Rio de Janeiro
eff 28FEB16 Amsterdam – Fukuoka
eff 29FEB16 Amsterdam – Cairo
eff 27MAR16 Amsterdam – Chengdu
eff 27MAR16 Amsterdam – Quito – Guayaquil – Amstrerdam
eff 27MAR16 Amsterdam – Xiamen

Planned operation adjustment remains unchanged based on latest adjustment:
Amsterdam – Atlanta Operational frequency during winter season expands to 14 weekly (13 weekly from 25OCT15 to 30NOV15)
Amsterdam – Fukuoka 25OCT15 – 24MAR16 Service reduces from 3 to 2 weekly, 787-9 replaces 777-200ER from 28FEB16 to 24MAR16
KL869 AMS1435 – 0920+1FUK 772 37
KL870 FUK1105 – 1530AMS 772 14

Amsterdam – Luanda 02FEB16 – 26MAR16 2 weekly service continues to be operated by A330-200
Amsterdam – Osaka Kansai 25OCT15 – 28FEB16 Service reduces from 7 to 6 weekly
KL867 AMS1430 – 0935+1KIX 772 x1
KL868 KIX1115 – 1515AMS 772 x2

Amsterdam – San Francisco Service increases from 6 to 7 weekly during winter season: 25OCT15 – 31DEC15, 01MAR16 – 26MAR16

Amsterdam – Shanghai Pu Dong 29FEB16 – 26MAR16 10 weekly service operated by Boeing 747-400COMBI only. Planned 4 of 10 weekly operated by 777-200ER is cancelled