Update as of 06OCT15: SWISS Feb/Mar 2016 Boeing 777 European Operations

SWISS in the past week has loaded additional adjustment for planned Boeing 777-300ER operations within Europem, for the month of February and March 2016.

Latest update to planned 777-300ER intra-European service as follow.

eff 08FEB16 Zurich – Geneva LX2802/2807
08FEB16 – 18FEB16 Day x6
19FEB16 – 25MAR16 Day 357 (Except 12MAR16 – 19MAR16)

eff 08FEB16 Zurich – Barcelona LX1956/1957
08FEB16 – 18FEB16 Day x56
19FEB16 – 25FEB16 Day 245
01MAR16 – 10MAR16 Day 24

eff 08FEB16 Zurich – Frankfurt LX1072/1073
08FEB16 – 19FEB16 Day x6
23FEB16 – 22MAR16 Day 24

eff 12FEB16 Zurich – London Heathrow
LX326/327 12FEB16 / 13FEB16 / 20FEB16
LX318/319 13FEB16 / 20FEB16

eff 27FEB16 Zurich – Hamburg LX1054/1055
27FEB16 – 26MAR16 Day 6 (Also operates on 22MAR16, Day 2)

eff 27FEB16 Zurich – Malaga LX2110/2111
27FEB16 – 26MAR16 Day 6

eff 13MAR16 Zurich – Hanover
LX814/815 13MAR16 – 18MAR16 Day 357
LX828/829 15MAR16 – 17MAR16 Day 24

Planned operational routes, dates and flights remain subject to change.