Lufthansa S16 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 15OCT15

Lufthansa this week begins updating planned summer 2016 season operation, effective 27MAR16. Planned long-haul service changes as of 15OCT15 as follow, however additional service changes remain highly possible.

Frankfurt – Atlanta 29APR16 – 30JUN16 Service temporary operated by CityLine A340-300 on daily basis, as configuration displays C18E19M261
Frankfurt – Bogota 3-class A340-300 replaces A340-600, First Class service cancelled
Frankfurt – Buenos Aires Temporary service changes in July and August 2016, operating via Rio de Janeiro
LH510 FRA2205 – 0455+1GIG0625+1 – 0925+1EZE 74H 28JUL16 – 03AUG16
LH511 EZE1420 – 1705GIG1855 – 1120+1FRA 74H 20AUG16 – 24AUG16

Frankfurt – Chennai eff 01SEP16 CityLine A340-300 replaces Mainline, daily service
Frankfurt – Dallas/Ft. Worth A330-300 replaces A340-300, daily service
Frankfurt – Detroit A330-300 replaces A340-300, daily service
Frankfurt – Hong Kong A380 service to be introduced from 24OCT15, will be maintained on/after 27MAR16. Daily operation
Frankfurt – Jeddah – Addis Ababa Service reduce from 7 to 4 weekly, A330-300 service (Frankfurt – Jeddah sector remains unchanged at 7 weekly)
Frankfurt – Johannesburg 747-8I service to be introduced from 24OCT15, will be maintained on/after 27MAR16. Daily operation
Frankfurt – Montreal CityLine A340-300 replaces Mainline aircraft. Seasonal service in 2016 operates daily from 13MAY16
Frankfurt – Philadelphia CityLine A340-300 operation, to be introduced from 17DEC15 (see separate post), will be maintained on/after 27MAR16
Frankfurt – Riyadh A330-300 replaces A340-600, daily service
Frankfurt – San Jose CA eff 29APR16 NEW 5 weekly Mainline A340-300 service, switch to CityLine from 30JUN16 (See separate post)
Frankfurt – Seoul Incheon Return of Seasonal A380 service for the second consecutive summer, daily service
Frankfurt – Shanghai Pu Dong Seasonal 2nd daily service LH732/733 will operate from 26MAR16, instead of from 05MAY16
Frankfurt – Tehran Boeing 747-400 replaces A340-600, First Class service cancelled
Frankfurt – Tokyo Narita 3-class A340-300 replaces 747-400, daily service

Airbus A330-300 operation sees configuration change from 01MAY16 with F8C30E21M177, replacing F8C42E21M145. This applies on following Munich service:
Munich – Boston
Munich – Charlotte
Munich – Delhi
Munich – Montreal
Munich – Mumbai
Munich – Riyadh

Munich – Boston 1 of 7 weekly (Day 2) operates with A330-300, instead of A340-600
Munich – Montreal Overall service in Northern summer 2016 operates 6 weekly, reduced from 7 in 2015
Munich – Riyadh Subject to Government Approval, addition of 4th weekly service. A330-300 operation
Munich – Sao Paulo Overall service in Northern summer 2016 operates 6 weekly, reduced from 7 in 2015
Munich – Vancouver eff 14MAY16 3 of 7 weekly service (Day 246) operates with A340-600, instead of A330-300

Previously reported changes:
Frankfurt – Nairobi Service operates 3 weekly with Privatair 737-700. Service operates 5 weekly with CityLine A340 aircraft from 01SEP16
Frankfurt – Pune eff 06SEP16 Restoration of 4th weekly service, with Privatair 737-700
Frankfurt – Qingdao NEW 3 weekly nonstop service with Mainline A340-300, replacing 1-stop via Shenyang
Frankfurt – Shenyang 3 weekly service remains unchanged, but becoming terminator service with following schedule revision
LH784 FRA1745 – 0955+1SHE 343 246
LH785 SHE1325 – 1830FRA 343 357


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