Update as of 17DEC15: SWISS Feb – Aug 2016 Boeing 777 European Operations

In recent schedule update, SWISS has further updated planned Boeing 777-300ER operation within Europe, which sees the 777 also scheduled to operate service to Athens, Prague and Venice, while overall 777 European operation extended into August 2016.

As of 17DEC15, planned 777-300ER European operation as follow.

eff 08FEB16 Zurich – Geneva LX2802/2807, 777-300ER operation extended until August 2016
08FEB16 – 18FEB16 Day x6
19FEB16 – 25MAR16 Day 357 (Except 12MAR16 – 19MAR16)
27MAR16 Day 7
29MAR16 – 06APR16 Day x4
07APR16 – 29AUG16 Daily

on 24MAR16, 777-300ER will operate service LX2806/2811

eff 08FEB16 Zurich – Barcelona LX1956/1957, 777-300ER operation added in late-March 2016
08FEB16 – 18FEB16 Day x56
19FEB16 – 25FEB16 Day 245
01MAR16 – 10MAR16 Day 24
22MAR16 – 24MAR16 Day 24

eff 08FEB16 Zurich – Frankfurt LX1072/1073, 777-300ER operation added in May and June 2016
08FEB16 – 19FEB16 Day x6
23FEB16 – 22MAR16 Day 24
03MAY16 – 06MAY16 Day 25
01JUN16 – 08JUN16 Day x67

eff 12FEB16 Zurich – London Heathrow No changes to planned 777-300ER operation
LX326/327 12FEB16 / 13FEB16 / 20FEB16
LX318/319 13FEB16 / 20FEB16

eff 27FEB16 Zurich – Athens LX1830/1831, 777-300ER operation added for this route
27FEB16 – 26MAR16 Day 6
17APR16 – 01MAY16 Day 7
07MAY16 – 05JUN16 Day 67
03JUL16 Day 7

eff 27FEB16 Zurich – Hanover 777-300ER moving 2 weeks earlier instead of mid-March 2016, while operation extended into August 2016
13MAR16 – 18MAR16 Day 357
01APR16 – 07APR16 Day x1
09APR16 – 13APR16 Day 367
20APR16 – 27APR16 Day 3
01MAY16 – 09MAY16 Day x56
16MAY16 – 23MAY16 Day 1
01JUN16 – 08JUN16 Daily
01JUL16 – 08JUL16 Daily
01AUG16 – 08AUG16 Daily

27FEB16 – 14MAR16 Day 6
15MAR16 – 17MAR16 Day 246
18MAR16 – 26MAR16 Day 6
02APR16 – 09APR16 Day 46
24APR16 – 29APR16 Day 257
05MAY16 Day 4

eff 01APR16 Zurich – Prague 777-300ER operation added for this route
01APR16 – 07APR16 Daily
09APR16 – 15APR16 Day x14
19APR16 – 29APR16 Day 235
01MAY16 – 09MAY16 Day x6
11MAY16 – 03JUN16 Day x67
04JUN16 – 09JUN16 Day x5
01JUL16 – 08JUL16 Day x7
01AUG16 – 07AUG16 Daily

01APR16 – 06APR16 Day x467
15APR16 – 22APR16 Day 5
01MAY16 – 08MAY16 Day x34
13MAY16 – 28MAY16 Day 56
01JUN16 – 08JUN16 Daily

eff 03APR16 Zurich – Venice 777-300ER operation added for this route
03APR16 – 10APR16 Day 7
12APR16 – 19APR16 Day 27
01MAY16 – 08MAY16 Day x146
11MAY16 – 02JUN16 Day x56 (No 777 service on 23MAY16)
04JUN16 – 08JUN16 Day x45
01JUL16 – 08JUL16 Daily
01AUG16 – 07AUG16 Daily

777-300ER also scheduled to operate LX1660/1661 on 06MAY16

SWISS’ planned 777-300ER operation to Hamburg and Malaga on Saturdays, between 27FEB16 and 26MAR16, is now cancelled.

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