QATAR Airways S16 Operation Changes as of 30DEC15

QATAR Airways this week continues to update planned summer 2016 operations, effective 27MAR16. As of 30DEC15, notable changes as follow.

Doha – Amsterdam eff 27MAR16 777-300ER replaces 787-8, daily.
Doha – Bangalore eff 01JUL16 777-200LR replaces -300ER, daily
Doha – Cape Town Daily service will be maintained for entire Northern summer season, instead of planned 5 weekly. Boeing 787-8 service
Doha – Dallas eff 01JUL16 777-300ER replaces -200LR, daily
Doha – Islamabad eff 27MAR16 QR632/633 operates with 777-300ER, replacing A330-200
Doha – Lahore eff 01JUL16 QR620/621 operates with 777-300ER, replacing -200LR
Doha – Manchester
eff 27MAR16 All 14 weekly service operates with A330-300, replacing -200.
eff 02MAY16 Planned increases to 16 weekly remains unchanged, however new service will also be operated by A330-300, instead of 787-8

Doha – Mumbai eff 01AUG16 777-200LR replaces -300ER, daily
Doha – Tunis 01JUN16 – 30SEP16 Peak season service operates with 787-8 once again, replacing A320
Doha – Vienna eff 01JUL16 Planned service increase from 7 to 12 weekly will be in effect until 30SEP16. The effective period was not mentioned earlier this week

In addition, the airline will introduce new configuration on board Boeing 777-300ER, which sees the airline moving to 3-4-3 layout in Economy Class, instead of 3-3-3. The airline will gradually move from 335-seater (J42Y293) to 358-seater (J42Y316) and from 380-seater (J24Y356) to 412-seater (J24Y388).

eff 27MAR16 412-seater 777-300ER operates following routes:
Doha – Amman
Doha – Amsterdam
Doha – Jakarta
Doha – Manila
Doha – Paris CDG

eff 01JUL16 358-seater 777-300ER operates following routes:
Doha – Dallas
Doha – Lahore
Doha – Melbourne
Doha – Miami
Doha – Washington Dulles

Previously reported changes:
Doha – Adelaide eff 02MAY16 NEW daily service with A350-900XWB
Doha – Athens eff 27MAR16 Increase from 2 to 3 daily, new flight operates with A321
Doha – Atlanta eff 01JUN16 NEW daily service with 777-200LR
Doha – Belgrade eff 28MAR16 NEW nonstop service with 4 weekly A320, replacing existing daily 1-stop via Sofia
Doha – Birmingham eff 30MAR16 NEW 8 weekly service with 787-8
Doha – Edinburgh eff 28MAR16 3 of 7 weekly moves from morning departure from Doha to red-eye
Doha – Maputo eff 27MAR16 3 weekly service operates with 787-8 on nonstop basis, replacing 1-stop via Johannesburg (Johannesburg remains 14 weekly)
Doha – New York JFK eff 01APR16 NEW 2nd daily service, operated by A350-900XWB
Doha – Osaka Kansai eff 01APR16 Service cancelled
Doha – Sofia eff 27MAR16 1 daily service remains unchanged, however operational schedule will split to 3 weekly morning service, 4 weekly afternoon service
Doha – Warsaw eff 01JUL16 Capacity increase with Airbus A330-200 operating on daily basis, replacing A320
Doha – Zagreb eff 03APR16 Increase from 7 to 10 weekly, A320 operation