EGYPTAIR Boosts Middle East Service in S16

EGYPTAIR in summer 2016 season plans to increase a number of flights on key routes to the Middle East, including Doha, Dubai and Kuwait. Based on latest schedule listing, planned service increase is to commence from the week of 27MAR16.

Cairo – Doha The airline proposes service increase from 14 to 17 weekly, new service MS939/940 is not available for reservation
MS937 CAI0025 – 0325DOH 738 D
MS935 CAI0920 – 1220DOH EQV D
MS939 CAI1710 – 2010DOH EQV 456

MS938 DOH0425 – 0745CAI 738 D
MS936 DOH1335 – 1635CAI EQV D
MS940 DOH2110 – 0030+1CAI EQV 456

Cairo – Dubai Service increase from 2 to 3 daily, new service is available for reservation
MS901 CAI0645 – 1115DXB 738 D
MS912 CAI1030 – 1500DXB 333 D
MS910 CAI2325 – 0355+1DXB EQV D

MS911 DXB0455 – 0750CAI EQV D
MS902 DXB1215 – 1510CAI 738 D
MS913 DXB1600 – 1840CAI 333 D

Cairo – Kuwait City Service increase from 21 to 27 weekly, new service is available for reservation
MS612 CAI0045 – 0315KWI EQV D
MS610 CAI1030 – 1300KWI EQV D
MS620 CAI1600 – 1830KWI EQV x46
MS620 CAI1645 – 1915KWI 738 4
MS614 CAI2100 – 2330KWI EQV D

MS615 KWI0030 – 0320CAI EQV D
MS613 KWI0415 – 0705CAI EQV D
MS611 KWI1400 – 1650CAI EQV D
MS621 KWI1930 – 2220CAI EQV x46
MS621 KWI2015 – 2305CAI 738 4