ETIHAD S16 Operation Changes as of 12JAN16

ETIHAD today (12JAN16) has gradually updated planned summer 2016 operations, which sees a number of aircraft changes from 27MAR16. In particular, Airbus A340-500 aircraft operation is being extended into summer 2016 season with the latest adjustment, primarily operating flights to Geneva, Istanbul Ataturk and Rabat.

Additional changes are expected in the coming weeks, and regional service may see further changes to operational aircraft on selected dates, therefore they are excluded in this list.

Abu Dhabi – Athens During summer season, A330-200 operates on daily basis, compared to 4-5 weekly level in S15. Day 267 will be operated by Air Seychelles A330, while Day x267 operates with ETIHAD A330
Abu Dhabi – Cairo EY653/654 continues to operate with A340-600, operating 6 times a week (Day 7 with A321. Day 6 from 06AUG16 operates with A330-300)
Abu Dhabi – Edinburgh 27MAR16 – 29APR16 Reduced frequency in winter, from 7 to 5 weekly, is extended into late-April 2016
Abu Dhabi – Frankfurt 2 daily service to be operated by A330-200/-300 only, instead of a mix of A330-200/340-600
Abu Dhabi – Geneva 27MAR16 – 24JUL16 A340-500 operates on Day x35, replacing A330-300
Abu Dhabi – Jakarta EY474/475 to be operated by A330-200, instead of planned 777-300ER (Overall 2 daily A3390299)
Abu Dhabi – Manchester EY021/022 operates with 777-300ER from 16JUN16 to 14SEP16 only, replacing A330-200 (EY015/016 remains unchanged with 777-300ER)
Abu Dhabi – Munich 2 daily service to be operated a mix of A330-300/340-600, instead of A340-600 only
Abu Dhabi – Paris CDG Boeing 777-300ER operation increases to 12 weekly (out of 14) in April and May, however this will be gradually switching to 9 weekly A340-600 and 5 weekly 777-300ER by 31JUL16
Abu Dhabi – Phuket 27MAR16 – 31MAY16 777-300ER operation extended until late-May 2016, operating on Day x7, replacing A330-200
Abu Dhabi – Seoul Incheon A330-300 replacing A340-600 on following service:
05AUG16 – 30SEP16 Day 5 (Day 7 from ICN)
01OCT16 – 29OCT16 Day 245 (Day 467 from ICN)

Previously reported changes:
Abu Dhabi – Dublin 15JUN16 – 16SEP16 Restoration of 2nd daily flight. Service operates with A330-200 instead of 777-300ER during this period
Abu Dhabi – Dusseldorf eff 01MAY16 2-class 787-9 replaces 3-class A330-300, daily
Abu Dhabi – Istanbul Ataturk eff 01AUG16 2-class 787-9 replaces 3-class A340-500, daily
Abu Dhabi – Johannesburg eff 01APR16 ETIHAD A330-200 operates daily, replacing Jet Airways A330-200
Abu Dhabi – Manila eff 01MAY16 Increase from 14 to 17 weekly, 777-300ER operation
Abu Dhabi – Melbourne eff 01JUN16 EY460/461 operates with A380, replacing 777-300ER
Abu Dhabi – Mumbai eff 01MAY16 EY204/203 operates with A380, replacing 777-300ER/A340-600
Abu Dhabi – New York JFK eff 01JUN16 EY101/100 ETIHAD 777-300ER replaces Jet Airways 777-300ER, daily service
Abu Dhabi – Perth eff 01JUN16 2-class 787-9 replaces A330-200, daily
Abu Dhabi – San Francisco eff 23APR16 ETIHAD 777-200LR to operate daily, replacing 4 weekly ETIHAD 777-200LR and 3 weekly Jet Airways 777-300ER
Abu Dhabi – Sao Paulo eff 29FEB16 Jet Airways 777-300ER operates daily, replacing ETIHAD 777-200LR
Abu Dhabi – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 01AUG16 2-class 787-9 replaces A330-200, daily
Abu Dhabi – Sydney 01JUN16 – 22JUL16 Increase from 11 to 14 weekly