TAP Portugal Launches Lisbon – Porto Ponte Aérea Shuttle from late-March 2016

TAP Portugal starting 27MAR16 will be launching new “Ponte Aérea” shuttle service on Lisbon – Porto route, as this key trunk route will become hourly shuttle operation. Between 0600hrs and 2100hrs, the airline will operate service from Lisbon on top of the hour, Porto at the bottom of the hour. Majority of these flights will be operated by White Airways’ ATR72 aircraft, configuration of Y70.

The airline currently operates up to 7 daily flights on this route, and this will be expanded to 16 daily (17 on Thursdays and Sundays) with the launch of this shuttle service.

TP1922 LIS0600 – 0650OPO 319 D
TP1926 LIS0700 – 0750OPO 319 D
TP1924 LIS0800 – 0900OPO AT7 D
TP1930 LIS0900 – 1000OPO AT7 D
TP1932 LIS1000 – 1100OPO AT7 D
TP1934 LIS1100 – 1200OPO AT7 D
TP1936 LIS1200 – 1300OPO AT7 D
TP1940 LIS1300 – 1400OPO AT7 D
TP1946 LIS1400 – 1500OPO AT7 D
TP1948 LIS1500 – 1600OPO AT7 D
TP1960 LIS1600 – 1700OPO AT7 D
TP1962 LIS1700 – 1800OPO AT7 D
TP1928 LIS1745 – 1840OPO 319 47
TP1964 LIS1800 – 1900OPO AT7 D
TP1966 LIS1900 – 2000OPO AT7 D
TP1970 LIS2000 – 2100OPO AT7 D
TP1968 LIS2100 – 2200OPO AT7 D

TP1921 OPO0630 – 0730LIS AT7 D
TP1933 OPO0730 – 0825LIS 319 D
TP1929 OPO0830 – 0925LIS 319 D
TP1927 OPO0930 – 1030LIS AT7 D
TP1931 OPO1030 – 1130LIS AT7 D
TP1935 OPO1130 – 1230LIS AT7 D
TP1937 OPO1230 – 1330LIS AT7 D
TP1923 OPO1250 – 1345LIS E90 47
TP1939 OPO1330 – 1430LIS AT7 D
TP1947 OPO1430 – 1530LIS AT7 D
TP1949 OPO1530 – 1630LIS AT7 D
TP1951 OPO1630 – 1730LIS AT7 D
TP1953 OPO1730 – 1830LIS AT7 D
TP1955 OPO1830 – 1930LIS AT7 D
TP1957 OPO1930 – 2030LIS AT7 D
TP1959 OPO2030 – 2130LIS AT7 D
TP1971 OPO2130 – 2230LIS AT7 D

TP1928/1923 operates with a mix of A319 and/or Embraer E190