VLM Airlines Adds Domestic German Routes from mid-Feb 2016

VLM Airlines recently has opened reservation for its planned new Domestic German routes, due to commence on 15FEB16. From Friedrichshafen, the airline will offer flights to Berlin Tegel, Dusseldorf and Hamburg, using Fokker 50 aircraft.

Friedrichshafen – Berlin Tegel
VG321 FDH0615 – 0800TXL F50 x67
VG325 FDH1650 – 1835TXL F50 57
VG325 FDH1750 – 1935TXL F50 x567

VG322 TXL0830 – 1015FDH F50 x67
VG326 TXL1905 – 2050FDH F50 57
VG326 TXL2005 – 2150FDH F50 x567

Friedrichshafen – Dusseldorf
VG311 FDH0635 – 0805DUS F50 x567
VG311 FDH0640 – 0810DUS F50 5
VG315 FDH1650 – 1815DUS F50 5
VG315 FDH1810 – 1935DUS F50 x567

VG312 DUS0835 – 0955FDH F50 x567
VG312 DUS0840 – 1000FDH F50 5
VG316 DUS1845 – 2005FDH F50 5
VG316 DUS2005 – 2125FDH F50 x567

Friedrichshafen – Hamburg
VG301 FDH0610 – 0800HAM F50 x67
VG305 FDH1615 – 1805HAM F50 57
VG305 FDH1750 – 1940HAM F50 x567

VG302 HAM0830 – 1020FDH F50 x67
VG306 HAM1835 – 2025FDH F50 57
VG306 HAM2005 – 2155FDH F50 x567