TAP Portugal Outlines Embraer E190 Operations from late-March 2016

TAP Portugal in last week’s schedule update has outlined planned Embraer E190 aircraft, which will be operating under the new brand TAP Express. The TAP Express brand will replace existing Portugalia brand, however the E190 will still be operated by Portugalia.

As of 19JAN16, planed Embraer E190 operation as follow.

eff 27MAR16 Lisbon – Barcelona 1 flight on 27MAR16, followed by 1 weekly from 06MAY16 to 27MAY16
eff 27MAR16 Lisbon – Funchal 4 weekly until 30MAR16, followed by 1 weekly in May/June 2016, 4 weekly from 03JUL16
eff 27MAR16 Lisbon – Lyon 1 weekly (No E190 operation from 28MAR16 to 31MAY16, except 01MAY16/02MAY16; Multiple frequencies from 01JUN16)
eff 27MAR16 Lisbon – Nice 3 weekly for the week of 27MAR16, followed by up to 7 weekly in June, 13 weekly from 01JUL16
eff 28MAR16 Lisbon – Bordeaux 5 weekly (4 weekly in May, 6 weekly in June, daily from 05JUL16)
eff 28MAR16 Lisbon – Nantes 3-4 weekly (2 weekly from 07MAY16, 6-7 weekly from 02JUN16)
eff 28MAR16 Lisbon – Paris Orly 4 weekly (5 weekly from 02MAY16, 6 weekly from 03JUN16, daily from 05JUL16)
eff 29MAR16 Porto – London Gatwick 5-6 weekly (7 weekly from 03MAY16)
eff 31MAR16 Lisbon – Faro 2 weekly (Except 03MAY16 – 04JUN16; 5 weekly from 05JUN16 to 30JUN16, 1 weekly from 03JUL16)
eff 31MAR16 Lisbon – Madrid 2 weekly for the week of 31MAR16, followed by multiple frequencies from 02MAY16 to 30JUN16
eff 31MAR16 Porto – Funchal 4 weekly (7 weekly from 02MAY16)
eff 31MAR16 Porto – Geneva Multiple freqencies
eff 01APR16 Lisbon – Marseille 1 flight on 01APR16, followed by 2 weekly in May, 7 weekly in June, 5-7 weekly from 01JUL16)
eff 04APR16 Porto – Madrid 4-5 weekly
eff 07APR16 Porto – Lisbon 1 weekly (2 weekly from 01MAY16)
eff 01MAY16 Lisbon – Toulouse 1 flight on 01MAY16, followed by 3 weekly in June, up to 12 weekly from 01JUL16
eff 04JUN16 Lisbon – Algiers 1 weekly (5 weekly from 01JUL16)

The airline also tentatively filed one-way E190 operation from Luxembourg to Lisbon, average 3-5 weekly from 30MAR16