EVA Air S16 Operation Changes as of 26JAN16

Star Alliance member EVA Air this morning (26JAN16) has gradually updated planned summer 2016 operation, including further expansion for South East Asia market. Latest adjustment for Summer 2016 season as follow.

Taipei Taoyuan – Bangkok eff 05AUG16 Increase from 17 to 21 weekly, 24 weekly from 02OCT16
BR205 TPE2025 – 2310BKK 77W x246
BR206 BKK0210 – 0655TPE 77W x357

BR205/206 operates daily from 02OCT16

Taipei Taoyuan – Hanoi eff 07JUL16 Increase from 6 to 7 weekly (Previously scheduled from 27MAR16)
BR397 TPE0905 – 1105HAN 321 D
BR398 HAN1205 – 1555TPE 321 D

Taipei Taoyuan – Ho Chi Minh City eff 06JUL16 Increase from 14 to 18 weekly, including 2 weekly flights with subsidiary UNI Air (operated by EVA Air aircraft). Further increase to 21 weekly from 04AUG16, additional flights operated by UNI Air
BR381 TPE1900 – 2125SGN 77W 37
B7029 TPE1900 – 2125SGN 77W 15

BR382 SGN0145 – 0610TPE 77W 14
B7030 SGN0145 – 0610TPE 77W 26

B7029/039 operates Day x37/Day x14 from 04AUG16

Taipei Taoyuan – Los Angeles eff 04AUG16 Operational schedule change with new morning hours departure from Taipei, noon from Los Angeles. BR6/5 will replace BR12/11
BR006 TPE1010 – 0740LAX 77W D (eff 04AUG16)
BR012 TPE1840 – 1610LAX 77W D (until 03AUG16)
BR002 TPE1920 – 1610LAX 77W D
BR016 TPE2355 – 2125LAX 77W D

BR001 LAX0050 – 0510+1TPE 77W D
BR015 LAX0125 – 0545+1TPE 77W D
BR005 LAX1250 – 1705+1TPE 77W D (eff 04AUG16)
BR011 LAX1755 – 2210+1TPE 77W D (until 03AUG16)

Taipei Taoyuan – Manila eff 06JUL16 Increase from 14 to 18 weekly, 21 weekly from 04AUG16
BR261 TPE2030 – 2250MNL 333 157
BR261 TPE2055 – 2315MNL 333 3

BR262 MNL0400 – 0620TPE 333 x357

BR261/262 operates daily from 04AUG16

Other recent changes previously not reported by Airline Route as follow:
Taipei Taoyuan – Fukuoka 04APR16 – 14APR16 Increase from 1 to 2 daily
Taipei Taoyuan – Jakarta Airbus A330-200 replaced by following aircraft:
744 29JUN16 – 29JUL16 77W 30MAY16 – 16JUN16 / 15AUG16 – 24AUG16

Taipei Taoyuan – Osaka Kansai 4th daily service (BR180/179, A321) will be maintained in summer season, except 12APR16 – 30JUN16
Taipei Taoyuan – Sapporo Chitose BR116/115 A330-300 replaced by following aircraft:
321 27MAR16 – 30APR16 744 10OCT16 – 29OCT16

Taipei Taoyuan – Seattle Boeing 747-400 operates 3 of 7 weekly (Day 246 from TPE), during following: 12APR16 – 17SEP16, 11OCT16 – 29OCT16. The airline plans daily 777-300ER operation in early-April, Sep/Oct, and from 30OCT16

Previously reported changes as follow:
Taipei Taoyuan – Cebu eff 27MAR16 NEW 4 weekly A321 service
Taipei Taoyuan – Houston eff 27MAR16 Increase from 4 to 6 weekly, daily from 10OCT16
Taipei Taoyuan – New York JFK eff 07JUL16 Increase from 7 to 10 weekly
BR030 TPE0750 – 1045JFK 77W 246
BR032 TPE1910 – 2205JFK 77W D

BR031 JFK0125 – 0455+1TPE 77W D
BR029 JFK1245 – 1615+1TPE 77W 246

Taipei Taoyuan – Singapore eff 27MAR16 Increase from 11 to 13 weekly, 14 weekly from 10OCT16