DELTA S16 International Operation Changes as of 09MAR16

The following is a list of changes to DELTA’s International operation for summer 2016 season, mainly effective 26/27MAR16. Note some of these changes has been reflected in the system in the last few weeks, but not covered on Airline Route.

All effective dates listed below is based on US departure (Intra-Asia based on Japan departure).

Atlanta – Amsterdam Service operates 2 daily A330-300 and 1 daily 767-400ER in S16 (S15: 1 daily each A330-300 / 747-400 / 767-400ER)
Atlanta – Antigua 07JUN16 – 13AUG16 Operation during summer sees 2 weekly flights, instead of 1 in S15
Atlanta – Caracas Northern summer 2016 operation sees 1 weekly 737-800, reduced from 3 weekly 737-700 in NS15
Atlanta – Guadalajara 03JUN16 – 27AUG16 Service operates 8 weekly, reduced from 11 weekly in S15
Atlanta – Madrid eff 03APR16 Airbus A330-300 replaces 767-400ER, daily (Previously scheduled from 26MAY16)
Atlanta – Paris CDG 2 daily service during summer operates with A330-300, instead of 1 daily each 767-400ER / A330-300 in S15
Atlanta – Puerto Vallarta eff 06JUN16 Summer peak season operates 5 weekly, increase from 4 weekly in S15
Atlanta – Punta Cana Summer peak season operates 21 weekly, increase from 20 weekly in S15
Atlanta – Rio de Janeiro eff 03APR16 Boeing 767-300ER replaces -400ER, daily
Atlanta – Rome eff 16JUN16 Service operates 14 weekly, increase from 13 weekly in S15
Atlanta – San Salvador 16JUN16 – 14AUG16 Summer peak season operates 11 weekly (7 320 + 4 757), increase from 7 weekly in S15
Atlanta – Sao Paul Guarulhos eff 03APR16 Boeing 767-400ER replaces -300ER in NS15, daily
Atlanta – Venice
eff 16JUN16 Service operates from 16JUN16, instead of 02JUN16. Boeing 767-400ER replaces -300ER on daily basis
01AUG16 – 30AUG16 Service operates 4 weekly, reduced from 7 in August 2015

Detroit – Cancun eff 04JUN16 Summer peak season operates with Boeing 757, replaces A320 in S15. 4 weekly service
Detroit – Frankfurt 16JUN16 – 31AUG16 Airbus A330-200 replaces 767-400ER, daily
Detroit – Munich eff 26MAY16 NEW daily 767-400ER service. Previously reported as 6 weekly flights
DL022 DTW1742 – 0830+1MUC 764 D
DL023 MUC1015 – 1342DTW 764 D

Detroit – Paris CDG Airbus A330-300 operates daily, replacing 747-400 in S15
Detroit – Rome Airbus A330-300 operates daily, replacing Boeing 767-400ER in S15
Los Angeles – Liberia Costa Rica eff 03JUN16 Summer peak season operates 3 weekly, increase from 1 weekly in S15
Los Angeles – Mazatlan Service operates 1 weekly with Embraer E175 during summer peak season
Los Angeles – San Salvador eff 03JUN16 Summer peak season operates 5 weekly, instead of daily in S15
Minneapolis – Cancun Summer peak season operates 3 weekly, instead of 2 in S15
New York JFK – Amsterdam Service in summer 2016 operates with 1 daily each of A330-300 / 767-300ER, instead of 1 daily each 767-300ER/-400ER in S15
New York JFK – Athens 16JUN16 – 05SEP16 Service operates 2 daily with A330-300, incraese from 12 weekly in S15 (7 333 + 5 76W)
New York JFK – Barcelona eff 01JUN16 Increase from 1 to 2 daily, new service operates with 777-200ER
DL476 JFK1808 – 0755+1BCN 777 D
DL478 JFK2138 – 1135+1BCN 333 D

DL477 BCN0955 – 1220JFK 777 D
DL479 BCN1345 – 1636JFK 333 D

New York JFK – Copenhagen eff 12JUN16 Boeing 767-300ER replaces 757-200, daily (5 weekly from 26MAY16 to 11JUN16, operating until 05SEP16)
New York JFK – Dublin eff 01MAY16 Airbus A33-300 replaces 767-300ER, daily service
New York JFK – Madrid eff 04APR16 Airbus A330-300 replaces 767-400ER, daily service (Previously scheduled from 26MAY16)
New York JFK – Malaga
16MAY16 – 26MAY16 5 weekly 767-300ER, replaces 757 (767 operation moves forward to 16MAY16, instead of 26MAY16)
27MAY16 – 05SEP16 5 of 7 weekly operates with 767, replaces 757-200 (Day x57 from JFK, Day x16 from AGP)
06SEP16 – 29SEP16 daily 757 service

New York JFK – Paris CDG 16MAY16 – 05SEP16 Boeing 777-200ER replaces A330-300, daily (A330 continues operating on/after 06SEP16)
New York JFK – Pisa Service in summer 2016 operates with 5 weekly 757, reduced from 6 weekly in S16
New York JFK – Prague Seasonal operation begins from 01MAY16 in 2016. 767-300ER replaced by following aircraft during selected periods:
01JUN16 – 15JUN16 767-400ER
16JUN16 – 15SEP16 A330-300

New York JFK – Reykjavik Keflavik 28MAY16 – 03SEP16 Increase from 7 to 8 weekly, 757-200 replaces -300 in S15
DL446 JFK2115 – 0700+1KEF 757 D
DL460 JFK2345 – 0930+1KEF 75W 6

DL246 KEF1030 – 1225JFK 757 D
DL245 KEF1130 – 1327JFK 75W 7

New York JFK – Sao Paulo Guarulhos eff 26MAR16 Boeing 767-300ER replaces -400ER, daily
New York JFK – Stockholm 11JUL16 – 24JUL16 Increase from 5 to 6 weekly, 757-200 service
Seattle – Amsterdam eff 27MAY16 Service operates with 1 daily each of A330-200/-300, instead of 1 daily each of A330-300/767-400ER in S15
Seattle – Seoul Incheon Boeing 767-300ER continues operation on/after 26MAR16, replacing A330-300 in S15
Seattle – Shanghai Pu Dong Boeing 767-300ER continues operation on/after 26MAR16, replacing A330-200 in S15

Previously reported changes:
Atlanta – Barcelona eff 06SEP16 Boeing 767-400ER replaces A330-300, daily
Atlanta – Dublin eff 03APR16 Airbus A330-300 replaces 767-300ER, daily
Atlanta – Lima eff 26MAR16 Boeing 777-200LR replaces 767-400ER, daily
Atlanta – Milan Malpensa eff 01AUG16 767-400ER replaces -300ER, 3 weekly (Overall frequency revised from 7 to 3 weekly; Aug 2016 sees 3 weekly, compared to 6 in Aug 2015)
Detroit – Sao Paulo Guarulhos eff 27MAR16 Airbus A330-200 replaces 767-300ER, 3 weekly
Minneapolis – Reykjavik Keflavik 25MAY16 – 06SEP16 NEW daily 757-200 service
Minneapolis – Rome eff 26MAY16 NEW daily 767-300ER service
New York JFK – Edinburgh eff 26MAY16 NEW daily 757-200 service
New York JFK – Istanbul Ataturk eff 01MAY16 Boeing 767-400ER replaces A330-300, seasonal daily service (until 05SEP16)
New York JFK – Manchester eff 26MAR16 767-300ER replaces 757-200, daily
New York JFK – Shannon eff 01MAY16 767-300ER replaces 757-200, daily
New York JFK – Tel Aviv eff 26MAY16 Increase from 7 to 11 weekly, 777-200ER service
Raleigh – Paris CDG eff 12MAY16 NEW daily 757-200 service
Salt Lake City – Amsterdam 15JUN16 – 15SEP16 Airbus A330-200 replaces 767-300ER, daily
Salt Lake City – London Heathrow eff 01MAY16 NEW daily 767-300ER service
Seattle – Hong Kong 31MAR16 – 24MAY16 Boeing 777-200ER replaces A330-200, daily
Seattle – Tokyo Narita 01AUG16 – 31AUG16 Boeing 747-400 replaces 777-200ER, daily
Tokyo Narita – Manila 01AUG16 – 31AUG16 Boeing 777-200ER replaces 747-400, daily