Rossiya Airlines Updates Planned S16 747/777 Operation

Rossiya Airlines in last week’s schedule update has filed additional Boeing 747-400 operations, which will now begin from 30APR16. Latest revision to planned 747-400 operation as follow.

eff 30APR16 Moscow Vnukovo – Adler/Sochi 1 daily (Except 10MAY16 – 30JUL16)
eff 10MAY16 Moscow Vnukovo – Simferopol 1 daily
eff 30MAY16 Moscow Vnukovo – Petropavlavosk-Kamchatsky 4 weekly (5 weekly from 02AUG16)
eff 31MAY16 Moscow Vnukovo – Vladivostok 3 weekly (4 weekly from 31JUL16)
eff 01AUG16 Moscow Vnukovo – Khabarovsk 3 weekly

Additionally, planned 777-200/-300 operation also sees some revision, effective 27MAR16.

Boeing 777-200
eff 19APR16 Moscow Vnukovo – Adler/Sochi 1 daily (except selected dates)
eff 19APR16 Moscow Vnukovo – Simferopol 1 daily (1 weekly from 05MAY16, 3 weekly from 02JUN16 to 29SEP16)
eff 10MAY16 Moscow Vnukovo – Magadan 3 weekly (4 weekly from 04JUN16)
eff 13MAY16 Moscow Vnukovo – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 3 weekly (4 weekly from 02JUN16)
eff 07JUN16 Moscow Vnukovo – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 1 weekly, until 26JUL16

Boeing 777-300
eff 30APR16 Moscow Vnukovo – Simferopol 6 weekly
eff 10MAY16 Moscow Vnukovo – Adler/Sochi 1 daily, until 30JUL16
eff 01JUN16 Moscow Vnukovo – Khabarovsk 1 daily (4 weekly from 02AUG16)
eff 01JUN16 Moscow Vnukovo – Vladivostok 4 weekly (3 weekly from 01AUG16)

The airline previously planned 777-200 service to Larnaca and -300 to Paphos, has cancelled as the airline no longer plans to serve these routes.