LOT Polish Airlines Plans New Boeing 787 Charter Markets in W16

LOT Polish Airlines in winter 2016/17 season is introducing a number of new bi-weekly charter operations, in partnership with Rainbow Tours. These new charter/package service is operated by Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft.

eff 31OCT16 Warsaw – Antananarivo – Mauritius – Warsaw In addition to bi-weekly Warsaw – Mauritius service
eff 07NOV16 Warsaw – Miami
eff 07NOV16 Warsaw – Puerto Vallarta
eff 17NOV16 Warsaw – Cayo Coco

For Puerto Vallarta and Cayo Coco, Warsaw departure is offered one flight a month as part of 14-day package.

For winter 2016/17 season, other Boeing 787 operating charter service in partnership with Rainbow Tours also include:
eff 02NOV16 Warsaw – Varadero 1 weekly
eff 04NOV16 Warsaw – Cancun 1 weekly
eff 05NOV16 Warsaw – Bangkok 1 weekly
eff 07NOV16 Warsaw – Mauritius Bi-weekly