AEROFLOT S13 Russia-CIS Operation Changes as of 30JUL12

As per 30JUL12 GDS timetable and inventory display, AEROFLOT has rolled out initial capacity changes to its Domestic Russia as well as CIS network for Summer 2013, effective 31MAR13. Initial changes see Boeing 777-300ER to enter operation on Khabarovsk and Vladivostok service.


Moscow Sheremetyevo – Abakan eff 31MAR13 Service operates daily with AEROFLOT A320, replaces Vladivostok Air 4-5 weekly Tupolev Tu204 flights
SU1478 SVO0145 – 1100ABA 320 D
SU1479 ABA1215 – 1320SVO 320 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Blagoveschensk eff 31MAR13 Summer operation operates with AEROFLOT 767-300ER, replacing Vladivostok Air 5 weekly Tupolev Tu204 flights in S12
SU1708 SVO2115 – 1045+1BQS 767 D
SU1709 BQS1225 – 1430SVO 767 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Khabarovsk eff 13MAY13 SU1710/1711 operates with Boeing 777-300ER, replaces A330-300. Overall service in Summer is 3 daily
SU1714 SVO1605 – 0645+1KHV 767 D
SU1710 SVO1810 – 0840+1KHV 77W D
SU1712 SVO2120 – 1205+1KHV 333 D

SU1715 KHV0845 – 0955SVO 767 D
SU1711 KHV1105 – 1225SVO 77W D
SU1713 KHV1415 – 1520SVO 333 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Vladivostok eff 31MAR13 SU1702/1703 operates with Boeing 777-300ER, replaces A330-300
SU1700 SVO1710 – 0835+1VVO 333 D
SU1704 SVO1900 – 1030+1VVO 333 D
SU1702 SVO2025 – 1145+1VVO 77W D

SU1701 VVO1035 – 1245SVO 333 D
SU1705 VVO1220 – 1420SVO 333 D
SU1703 VVO1415 – 1610SVO 77W D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Tashkent Capacity and frequency increase
31MAR13 – 03MAY13 Boeing 767-300ER replaces A321 on 5 weekly flights
eff 04MAY13 Service increases from 5 to 6 weekly. 767 operates 5 weekly, A321 operates 1

All changes listed above are now open for reservation, however further changes remain possible.