COPA Airlines Initial S11 Operation Changes: New service to Porto Alegre and Toronto

As per 02JAN11 GDS timetable display, COPA Airlines starting June 2011 is to launch 4 weekly each of Panama City – Porto Alegre and Panama City – Toronto service.

In addition, a number of routes will also see major operation changes from mid-June 2011, the peak of summer 2011 season. Details as follows:

Panama City – Porto Alegre NEW 4 weekly service eff 15JUN11
CM821 PTY1524 – 0027+1POA 73G x256
CM822 POA0132 – 0650PTY 73G x367

Panama City – Toronto NEW 4 weekly service eff 16JUN11
CM470 PTY1735 – 2359YYZ 73G x136
CM471 YYZ0940 – 1412PTY 73G x247

Other Summer 2011 changes…
Panama City – Aruba eff 16JUN11 Increase from 4 to 5 weekly. Embraer E190 replace Boeing 737-700 aircraft
CM348 PTY1202 – 1502AUA 73G x237 -15JUN11
CM348 PTY0926 – 1226AUA E90 x36 16JUN11-

CM349 AUA1630 – 1730PTY 73G x237 -15JUN11
CM349 AUA1336 – 1436PTY E90 x36 16JUN11-

Panama City – Barranquilla COPA Panama Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly. COPA Colombia increase from 5 weekly to Daily
CM875 PTY0916 – 1031BAQ E90 x25
CM635 PTY1532 – 1647BAQ E90 D

CM630 BAQ0703 – 0818PTY E90 D
CM874 BAQ1537 – 1704PTY E90 x25

COPA Colombia service from Panama (CM6xx) will shift from 2100hrs departure to 1500hrs from 15JUN11

Panama City – Belo Horizonte eff 15JUN11 Operational day and schedule changes
CM765 PTY1842 – 0326+1CNF 73G x36 -14JUN11
CM765 PTY1548 – 0032+1CNF 73G x47 15JUN11-

CM764 CNF0416 – 0859PTY 73G x47 -14JUN11
CM764 CNF0147 – 0630PTY 73G x15 15JUN11-

Panama City – Bogota eff 15JUN11 Introduction of overall 6th Daily service. COPA Panama increase from 1 to 3 Daily, COPA Colombia reduce from 4 to 3 Daily
CM197 PTY0744 – 0910BOG 73G D
CM627 PTY0928 – 1055BOG E90 D
CM303 PTY1130 – 1301BOG E90 D
CM633 PTY1550 – 1717BOG E90 D
CM629 PTY1831 – 2001BOG 73G D
CM105 PTY2120 – 2252BOG EQV x1

CM650 BOG0524 – 0654PTY E90 D
CM106 BOG0649 – 0822PTY EQV x2
CM620 BOG0830 – 1006PTY 73G D
CM196 BOG1234 – 1404PTY 73G D
CM302 BOG1515 – 1653PTY E90 D
CM622 BOG1840 – 2010PTY E90 D

Changes from 15JUN11 on this route:
CM197/196 is the 6th Daily service
CM303/302 replaces CM659/658 (COPA Panama replace Colombia)
CM633 PTY departure changes from 2000hrs to 1500hrs
CM650 BOG departure moves 1hr earlier to 0500hrs

Panama City – Buenos Aires eff 17JUN11 3 of 17 weekly sees operational day, aircraft and schedule changes
CM363 PTY1908 – 0418+1EZE 73G 236 -14JUN11
CM363 PTY1552 – 0102+1EZE 738 257 17JUN11-

CM364 EZE0523 – 1048PTY 73G 347 -12JUN11
CM364 EZE0439 – 1004PTY 738 136 15JUN11-

Panama City – Cali eff 15JUN11 1 of 3 Daily COPA Colombia service planned to be replaced by COPA Panama
CM257 PTY1544 – 1717CLO E90 D
CM256 CLO1826 – 1954PTY E90 D

Panama City – Cancun eff 15JUN11 2 of 3 Daily service sees aircraft changes
CM316/317 737-700 replace E190
CM324/323 737-800 replace -700

Panama City – Caracas eff 15JUN11 1 of 3 Daily service sees aircraft changes
CM224/222 737-800 replace -700

Panama City – Cartagena eff 15JUN11 Overall service increase from 11 to 12 weekly. COPA Panama operating service sees schedule changes
CM415 PTY1136 – 1241CTG E90 D 15JUN11-
CM415 PTY1515 – 1620CTG E90 D -14JUN11
CM616 PTY2130 – 2235CTG E90 x35

CM617 CTG0703 – 0808PTY E90 x46
CM416 CTG1327 – 1432PTY E90 D 15JUN11-
CM416 CTG1659 – 1804PTY E90 D -14JUN11

CM616/617 till 14JUN11 operates Day x237/x146

Panama City – Cordoba eff 15JUN11 operational schedule changes
CM463 PTY1842 – 0317+1COR 738 D -14JUN11
CM463 PTY1530 – 0005+1COR 738 D 15JUN11-

CM464 COR0416 – 0851PTY 738 D -14JUN11
CM464 COR0151 – 0626PTY 738 D 15JUN11-

CM463/464 from 01JUN11 to 14JUN11 operates with Boeing 737-700 aircraft

Panama City – Guadalajara eff 17JUN11 Operational day change from Day x246 to Day x247 (GDL departs following day)
Day 36/47 E190 replaces 737-700

Panama City – Guatemala City eff 15JUN11 Northbound NONSTOP service reduce from 4 to 3 Daily with schedule changes
till 14JUN11
CM406 PTY0933 – 1053GUA EQV D
CM320 PTY1126 – 1241GUA E90 D
CM390 PTY1852 – 2012GUA EQV D
CM496 PTY2038 – 2158GUA E90 D

eff 15JUN11
CM320 PTY1120 – 1235GUA E90 D
CM406 PTY1600 – 1720GUA E90 D
CM390 PTY1839 – 1959GUA E90 D

Panama City – Guayaquil eff 15JUN11 CM301/300 Boeing 737-800 replace -700
Panama City – Havana
eff 01JUN11 CM218/219 Daily 737-800 replace 5 weekly Embraer E190
eff 15JUN11 CM438/295 Day x36 (HAV Day x47) Embraer E190 replace 737-700

Panama City – Lima eff 15JUN11 Increase from 4 to 5 Daily. Also, LIM departure at 0500hrs will shift to 0200hrs
CM493 PTY1526 – 1855LIM 73G D
CM492 LIM1032 – 1402PTY 73G D

CM338 LIM0502 – 0837PTY 73G D 14JUN11-
CM338 LIM0259 – 0634PTY 73G D 15JUN11-

Panama City – Los Angeles 1 of 2 Daily service sees schedule on Northbound flight. CM472 changes from noon to morning hours
CM472 PTY1220 – 1710LAX 738 D -14JUN11
CM472 PTY0924 – 1414LAX 738 D 15JUN11-

Panama City – Manaus eff 15JUN11 Boeing 737-700 replace E190 with operational day and schedule changes. Manaus departure will also shift from late-afternoon to morning hours
CM141 PTY1132 – 1617MAO E90 x256 -14JUN11
CM141 PTY1538 – 2023MAO 73G x246 15JUN11-

CM140 MAO1714 – 1952PTY E90 x256 -14JUN11
CM140 MAO0712 – 0950PTY 73G x357 16JUN11-

Panama City – Maracaibo eff 15JUN11 Boeing 737-800 replace -700
Panama City – Mexico City eff 15JUN11 Introduction of 3rd Daily service (overall flight increase from 14 to 21 weekly)
CM136 PTY1146 – 1536MEX 738 D
CM135 MEX1634 – 2014PTY 738 D

Panama City – Miami eff 16JUN11 Introduction of 4th Daily service
CM4210 PTY0758 – 1153MIA 73G D
CM237 MIA1225 – 1430PTY 73G D

Panama City – New York JFK eff 15JUN11 Schedule changes. PTY departure moves 2hr earlier and JFK departure moves 3hr later
CM804 PTY2048 – 0248+1JFK 738 D -14JUN11
CM804 PTY1823 – 0025+1JFK 738 D 15JUN11-

CM803 JFK0600 – 1022PTY 738 D -14JUN11
CM803 JFK0955 – 1420PTY 738 D 15JUN11-

Panama City – Orlando eff 01JUN11 Re-introduction of 3rd Daily service, CM446/445
Panama City – Pereira eff 15JUN11 Operational Day changes from Day x126 to Day x135
Panama City – Port au Prince eff 15JUN11 Increase from 2 to 4 weekly with schedule changes
CM428 PTY1206 – 1427PAP 73G 26 -13JUN11
CM428 PTY0906 – 1127PAP 73G x156 15JUN11-

CM427 PAP1552 – 1806PTY 73G 26 -14JUN11
CM427 PAP1224 – 1438PTY 73G x156 15JUN11-

Panama City – Port of Spain eff 15JUN11 Daily Embraer E190 service, replacing 5 weekly 737-700 and 2 weekly E190
Panama City – Punta Cana eff 15JUN11 Operational day change of 11 of 18 weekly flights
CM352/351 Daily service reduce to Day x24
CM158/159 Day x236/x347 service increase to Day x4/x5

Panama City – Rio de Janeiro eff 15JUN11 Boeing 737-800 replace -700. Operational schedule change in effect, PTY departure moves to afternoon hour and GIG departure becomes overnight flight
CM873 PTY2112 – 0622+1GIG 73G D -14JUN11
CM873 PTY1512 – 0022+1GIG 738 D 15JUN11-

CM872 GIG1206 – 1736PTY 73G D -14JUN11
CM872 GIG0130 – 0700PTY 738 D 15JUN11-

Panama City – St. Maarten eff 15JUN11 Operational schedule moves 3hr earlier, along with operational day change
CM228 PTY1222 – 1617SXM 73G 26 -14JUN11
CM228 PTY0910 – 1305SXM 73G 25 15JUN11-

CM229 SXM1730 – 1944PTY 73G 26 -14JUN11
CM229 SXM1520 – 1734PTY 73G 25 15JUN11-

Panama City – San Andres Is. eff 15JUN11 PTy departure moves 2hr earlier
CM202 PTY1138 – 1245ADZ E90 D -14JUN11
CM202 PTY0922 – 1029ADZ E90 D 15JUN11-

Panama City – San Salvador eff 15JUN11 CM410/411 operates 2hr later
Panama City – Santa Cruz Bolivia eff 15JUN11 Operational day and schedule change. Night flight from PTY shifts to mid-afternoon
CM805 PTY2114 – 0309+1VVI 73G x26 -14JUN11
CM805 PTY1518 – 2113VVI 73G x15 15JUN11-

CM806 VVI0429 – 0819PTY 73G x37 -14JUN11
CM806 VVI0622 – 1012PTY 73G x26 15JUN11-

Panama City – Santiago de Chile eff 15JUN11 Increase from 2 to 3 Daily
CM721 PTY1536 – 0001+1SCL 73G D
CM720 SCL0428 – 1008PTY 73G D

Panama City – Santiago Dominican Rep. eff 15JUN11 Operational day and flight number change
till 14JUN11 CM796/795 Day x47
eff 15JUN11 CM4796/4795 Day x26

Panama City – Santo Domingo eff 15JUN11 Operational schedule change on selected flights
CM308 PTY0929 – 1259SDQ 73G D -14JUN11
CM308 PTY0746 – 1116SDQ 73G D 15JUN11-

CM268 PTY1838 – 2208SDQ E90 D -14JUN11
CM268 PTY1542 – 1912SDQ E90 D 15JUN11-

CM382 SDQ1616 – 1740PTY E90 D -14JUN11
CM194 SDQ1236 – 1400PTY E90 D 15JUN11-

*CM382 from SDQ becomes CM194, 1616 departure moves to 1236

Panama City – Sao Paulo eff 15JUN11 1 of 3 Daily service sees schedule change
CM725 PTY1859 – 0400+1GRU 738 D -14JUN11
CM725 PTY1554 – 0055+1GRU 738 D 15JUN11-

CM758 GRU0330 – 0831PTY 738 D -15JUN11
CM758 GRU0125 – 0628PTY 738 D 16JUN11-

Panama City – Tegucigalpa eff 15JUN11 Operational schedule moves 2hr later
Panama City – Valencia eff 15JUN11 Day 147 Boeing 737-700 replace Embraer E190
Bucaramanga – Panama City eff 15JUN11 Operational Day and schedule changes
CM618 BGA0718 – 1147PTY E90 146 -13JUN11
CM618 BGA0700 – 0830PTY E90 357 15JUN11-

CM619 BGA2104 – 2234PTY E90 357 -12JUN11
CM619 PTY1825 – 1955BGA E90 246 16JUN11-

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