EVA Air Winter 2010 operation changes as of 21SEP10

As per 21SEP10 GDS timetable display, EVA Air’s latest changes to planned 2010/11 Winter operation, effective 31OCT10, as follows:

Taipei Taoyuan – Bangkok – Amsterdam
02NOV10 / 09NOV10 Boeing 777-300ER replace 747-400COMBI (TPE departure, BKK/AMS departs following day)
03JAN11 – 08JAN11 Service increase from 3 to 4 weekly

Taipei Taoyuan – Brisbane
Service continues to operate 2 weekly for entire Northern Winter 2010 season

Taipei Taoyuan – Denpasar Service reduce from 5 to 3 weekly in November
31OCT10 – 07NOV10 Day 357
09NOV10 – 16NOV10 Day 256
17NOV10 – 24NOV10 Day 367
26NOV10 – 03DEC10 Day 235
04DEC10 – 26MAR11 Day x14

Taipei Taoyuan – Hanoi Reduce from 5 to 3 weekly 31OCT10 – 14DEC10
Taipei Taoyuan – Ho Chi Minh City Reduce from 10 to 9 weekly in November 2010
BR395/396 operates on Day 37 in November 2010

Taipei Taoyuan – Kuala Lumpur
eff 01DEC10 777-300ER operates on Day 34, replace A330 (A330 on Day 16; Note December 77W operation varies)

Taipei Taoyuan – Los Angeles Reduce from 18 to 14 weekly since September 2010, to be restored from 11DEC10 (BR002/001 canceled during this period)

Taipei Taoyuan – San Francisco Service reductions from 01OCT10
01OCT10 – 31OCT10 Reduce from 12 weekly to Daily 747 Day 357 77W Day x357 (SFO departs following day)
01NOV10 – 15NOV10 Daily 77W Service
16NOV10 – 23NOV10 Service operates 10 weekly
28NOV10 – 07DEC10 Service operates 11 weekly
09DEC10 – 10FEB11 Service operates 12 weekly
13FEB11 – 26MAR11 Service operates 10 weekly

BR028/027 sees the cancellation or service reduction during the periods mentioned above. BR018/017 operates Daily

Taipei Taoyuan – Sapporo 777-300ER replace A330-200 on following periods
09DEC10 – 13FEB11
25FEB11 – 18MAR11

Taipei Taoyuan – Seattle Boeing 777-300ER operates on most dates in November 2010, replace 747-400

Taipei Taoyuan – Tokyo Narita Reduce from 14 to 13 weekly
BR2196/2195 (Afternoon/evening service) Canceled on Day 4