Transaero Boeing 747 to Anadyr

As per 11FEB10 GDS timetable display, Transaero from 23MAY10 to 19SEP10 is to operate Boeing 747-400 aircraft on Moscow Domodedovo – Anadyr route.

If the plan materializes, this is to be the extreme north-eastern airport in Russia and Eastern hemisphere a Boeing 747 operates to on a scheduled basis. In Summer 2009, service was operated with Boeing 777.

Schedule in Summer 2010 season as follows:

UN111 DME1905 – 1125+1DYR 763 2
UN111 DME1905 – 1125+1DYR 744 47

UN112 DYR1425 – 1450DME 763 3
UN112 DYR1425 – 1450DME 744 15

744 op on Day 47/15 from 23MAY10 to 19SEP10, replace Boeing 767-300
UN111/112 on Day 2/3 operates from 18MAY10 to 16SEP10