Finnair Operation Update 17NOV09

Due to pilot strike, Finnair is canceling all operations. However, the airline plans to operate the Leisure flight service regardless the strike.  Codeshare service operated by other carriers, are unaffected.  Service operated by Finncomm, remains unaffected.

All info below are as of 0200GMT 17NOV09 and further adjustments expected.  Operation on and beyond 18NOV09 is UNKNOWN. Updated info on Finnair site can be found here.

On 16NOV09, only Bangkok to Helsinki AY090/096 operated.
On 17NOV09, ALL Finnair SCHEDULED flights canceled

For Leisure flight, following operated on 16NOV09:

AY1375 Helsinki-Funchal
AY1376 Funchal-Helsinki
AY1620 Tenerife-Helsinki
AY1621 Helsinki-Tenerife
AY1905 Helsinki-Hurghada
AY1906 Hurghada-Helsinki
AY2849 Helsinki-Larnaca
AY2850 Larnaca-Helsinki
AY2935 Helsinki-Ponte Delgada
AY2936 Ponte Delgada-Helsinki

Following CANCELED on 16NOV09

AY1973 Helsinki-Fortaleza
AY2987 Helsinki-Miami
AY2988 Miami-Helsinki (17 November)

On 17NOV09, Leisure flights operated by Finnair, has not yet been canceled (as of 17NOV09 0200GMT). In addition, leisure flight operated by other carrier’s aircraft is operating:

AY1907 Helsinki – Hurghada, operated by Air Finland
AY1908 Hurghada – Helsinki, operated by Air Finland
AY1911 Helsinki – Sharm el Sheikh, operated by Air Finland
AY1912 Sharm el Sheikh – Helsinki, operated by Air Finland
AY1959 Helsinki – Phuket, operated by Finnair
AY1960 Phuket – Helsinki, operated by Finnair
AY2945 Helsinki – Dubai, operated by Finnair
AY2946 Dubaí – Helsinki, operated by Finnair