THAI new codeshares includes Bangkok Air

THAI is adding few new codeshare citypairs in the winter 2007/08 schedule.

New codeshare partner is Bangkok Airways which operates to Koh Samui.

PG129:TG3003 BKK0930 – 1035USM 717 D
PG182:TG3002 USM2045 – 2150BKK 717 D

Codeshare with TAP Portugal now also covers Bangkok – Madrid – Lisbon

TG948:TP8398 BKK0005 – 0725MAD 744 246
TG949:TP8399 MAD1330 – 0650+1BKK 744 246

TP710:TG7313 LIS0735 – 0945MAD 100 246
TP723:TG7312 MAD1030 – 1040LIS 100 246

Codeshare with Austrian will also cover Munich – Vienna
OS118:TG7214 MUC2130 – 2240VIE F70 D
OS117:TG7215 VIE1935 – 2045MUC F70 D

Codeshare with Myanmar Airways Int’l/MAI has revised to one-way codeshare as MAI has suspended all flights until 30NOV07, but continues to offer service through codesharing.




Bangkok – Yangon







Yangon – Bangkok







Codeshare with PB Air covers the following in winter schedule. The codeshare is in blocked-space form which THAI purchase maximum 10 seats (*some are 5 seats) on the following PG Air flight

*8 weekly to Sakon Nakhon
9Q880/TG3102 BKK0600 – 0710SNO ER4 246
9Q888/TG3128 BKK1940 – 2050SNO ER4 x26

9Q881/TG3103 SNO0745 – 0855BKK ER4 246
9Q889/TG3129 SNO2125 – 2235BKK ER4 x26

*8 weekly to Nakhon Phanom
9Q870/TG3122 BKK0600 – 0715KOP ER4 135
9Q876/TG3126 BKK1640 – 1755KOP ER4 4
9Q878/TG3136* BKK1930 – 2045KOP ER4 x134

9Q871/TG3123 KOP0750 – 0905BKK ER4 135
9Q877/TG3127 KOP1830 – 1945BKK ER4 4
9Q879/TG3137* KOP2120 – 2235BKK ER4 x134

*4 weekly to Nan
9Q842/TG3114* BKK0940 – 1100NNT ER4 135
9Q844/TG3112 BKK1210 – 1330NNT ER4 7

9Q843/TG3115* NNT1135 – 1255BKK ER4 135
9Q845/TG3113 NNT1405 – 1525BKK ER4 7

*12 weekly to Lampang
9Q862/TG3106 BKK0910 – 1020LPT ER4 x46
9Q866/TG3108 BKK1600 – 1710LPT ER4 D

9Q863/TG3107 LPT1055 – 1205BKK ER4 x46
9Q867/TG3109 LPT1745 – 1855BKK ER4 D

*4 weekly to Roi Et Muang
9Q820/TG3134 BKK0600 – 0700ROI ER4 135
9Q828/TG3124 BKK1240 – 1340ROI ER4 7

9Q821/TG3135 ROI0735 – 0835BKK ER4 135
9Q829/TG3125 ROI1415 – 1515BKK ER4 7

*3 weekly to Buri Ram
9Q894/TG3144 BKK1550 – 1650BFV ER4 357
9Q895/TG3145 BFV1725 – 1825BFV ER4 357

*3 weekly to Da Nang (20 seats)
9Q352/TG3198 BKK0940 – 1120DAD ER4 246
9Q353/TG3199 DAD1205 – 1345BKK ER4 246

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