AEROFLOT 2007/08 Winter highlights

AEROFLOT has unveiled 2007/08 Winter operation on 24OCT07, which sees the largest Russian carrier operating flights to 69 cities in 47 countries.

*3rd daily to Sochi
Service increase from 13 weekly to 21 weekly

SU869 SVO0915 – 1140AER TU5 D
SU871 SVO1315 – 1540AER TU5 D
SU873 SVO1850 – 2125AER TU5 x6
SU873 SVO1855 – 2125AER TU5 6

SU874 AER0840 – 1125SVO TU5 x7
SU874 AER0840 – 1125SVO TU5 7
SU870 AER1310 – 1530SVO TU5 D
SU872 AER1710 – 1930SVO TU5 D

*3rd daily to Irkutsk
SU747 SVO0035 – 1120IKT TU5 D
SU743 SVO0805 – 1840IKT TU5 D
SU749 SVO1920 – 0600+1IKT TU5 D

SU750 IKT0805 – 0905SVO TU5 D
SU748 IKT1300 – 1415SVO TU5 D
SU744 IKT2010 – 2140SVO TU5 D

*4th daily to Krasnodar
SU767/768, currently operates on Day1235, will increase to Daily, which brings total of daily service to 4

*Mineralnye Vody 14 weekly service throughout winter, from 8 weekly

*24 weekly to Novosibirsk from 18 weekly, plus 1 weekly by AEROFLOT-DON

SU809 SVO0215 – 0930OVB 735 x2
SU809 SVO0215 – 0930OVB TU5 2
SU805 SVO1015 – 1715OVB 321 47
SU805 SVO1020 – 1715OVB 321 x47
SU783 SVO1505 – 2155OVB TU5 257
SU807 SVO2230 – 0530+1OVB 321 D
D9625 SVO2150 – 0445+1OVB TU5 7

SU808 OVB0700 – 0815SVO 321 D
SU810 OVB1105 – 1235SVO TU5 2
SU810 OVB1105 – 1235SVO 735 x2
SU784 OVB1230 – 1325SVO TU5 136
SU806 OVB1840 – 2000SVO 321 D
D9626 OVB1805 – 1910SVO TU5 1

SU805/806 replace AEROFLOT-NORD 737-500 service

*Perm continues to receive 2 daily service in this winter, as well as 1 daily AEROFLOT-NORD service

There will also be Daily to Athens, Daily to Hanover, and 5 weekly to Hong Kong.

*Flights to Dubai will see 9 weekly service, with the 2 additional weekly service carried out by AEROFLOT-DON onboard IL86.

SU520 SVO0315 – 0750DXB 321 D
SU408:D97522 SVO1840 – 2355DXB ILW 25

SU519 DXB1950 – 0205+1SVO 321 D
SU407:D97521 DXB1200 – 1700SVO ILW 25

AEROFLOT-NORD will operate 170 weekly flights on 25 routes.

*Murmansk – St. Petersburg in Winter 2007/2008
This route will be maintained throughout Winter for the first time.
5N519:SU1584 MMK0900 – 1045LED TU3 D
5N520:SU1583 LED2000 – 2145MMK TU3 D

*Moscow – Nizhnevartovsk, new 4 weekly service
AEROFLOT-NORD will operate 4 new weekly service on this route, in addition to daily AEROFLOT service.

5N561:SU651 SVO1050 – 1635NJC TU3 x246
5N562:SU652 NJC1750 – 1910SVO TU3 x246

AEROFLOT-DON will continue to maintain 2 weekly Rostov-St. Petersburg, 1 weekly Rostov – Ekaterinburg, each operated by 737-500. 1 weekly Rostov – Moscow Sheremetyevo – Novosibirsk – Neryungri is also maintained with Tupolev TU-154.

Flights to Yerevan will maintain 3 weekly, while launching new Rostov – Gyoumri weekly service eff 22NOV07:

D9667 ROV0720 – 0950LWN 735 4
D9668 LWN1050 – 1135ROV 735 4

There will be 4 weekly Boeing 737-500 service to Istanbul, 2 weekly TU-154 to Sharm-el-Sheikh and Hurghada.

A new weekly service to Dubai was launched on 16OCT07:

D9409:SU1587 ROV0100 – 0610DXB 735 2
D9410:SU1588 DXB1820 – 2140ROB 735 2

This 1 weekly service complements new 2 weekly scheduled charter service out of Moscow onboard IL86.

It’ll operate charter flights out of Moscow Sheremetyevo to Muscat, Seychelles, Dubai, Phuket and Sharm-el-Sheikh.

From Sochi, there is a weekly flight to Dubai and 3 weekly to Istanbul, each are new winter service.

D92009 AER1225 – 1710DXB 735 2
D92010 DXB0720 – 1025AER 735 2

D92011 AER1720 – 1810IST 735 135
D92012 IST1050 – 1400AER 735 135

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