Vladivostok receive rights to fly US route

Vladivostok Air has received rights from DoT to operate service between Russia Far East and US West coast on 10JUL07. The application was filed on 23MAY07.

Vladivostok Air applied for permission to operate scheduled service to US from April 1, 2008, as well as charter service from any point(s) from Russia to any point(s) in US.

The Points from Russia it’ll serve: Vladivostok (main base), Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and in US: Anchorage and Seattle.

Routing and projected schedule will be:
(Day 1/2)
VVO1130 – 1630PKC1830 – 0120ANC0240 – 0640SEA
SEA0840 – 1100ANC1220 – 1500+1PKC1700+1 – 1810+1VVO

(Day 4/5)
VVO1130 – 1330UUS1520 – 0120ANC0240 – 0640SEA
SEA0840 – 1100ANC1220 – 1420+1UUS1620+1 – 1810+1VVO

Flights will be 1 weekly each, using C8Y134 configuration onboard Tu-204. The airline may be using A320 as substitution. Projection of traveller on this flight annually is around 17000.