S7 Airlines doubles Omsk/Krasnodar flight

S7 Airlines is doubling its frequencies to Omsk from 18JUN07 with the new weekday service.

S7169 DME1010 – 1630OMS 735 X67
S7167 DME2240 – 0500+1OMS 319 D

S7168 OMS0710 – 0740DME 319 D
S7170 OMS1805 – 1830DME 735 X67

From 01JUL07, it’ll double its frequencies to Krasnodar. The 2nd daily flight:

S71147 DME0730 – 0930KRR TU5 X4
S71148 KRR1055 – 1300DME TU5 X4

Meanwhile its Airbus 319 fleet has span its network to Russian Far East, first to Vladivostok in May. Khabarovsk and other Russian Far East cities will be also getting A319 service.

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