09JUN16 Update – Emirates A330/340 W16 Operations

Emirates recently further adjusted planned winter 2016/17 operation, effective 30OCT16. The latest adjustment sees last A340-300 scheduled operation remains unchanged on 01DEC16, although further changes remain possible.

As of 09JUN16, planned Emirates A340-300 operation for Nov 2016, including last operational date for individual route, as follow.

Dubai – Ahmedabad 1 weekly, last (A340-300) flight 27NOV16
Dubai – Baghdad 1 weekly, last flight 24NOV16
Dubai – Basra 1 weekly, last flight 27NOV16
Dubai – Beirut 1 daily, last flight from DXB 30NOV16, BEY 01DEC16
Dubai – Doha 1 weekly, last flight 26NOV16
Dubai – Kabul 1 daily, last flight 30NOV16
Dubai – Muscat 2 weekly, last flight 30NOV16

Additionally, A330-200 operation sees further adjustment for winter season. Planned A330-200 operation for November 2016 as follow.

Dubai – Baghdad 1 weekly, last (A330-200) flight 28NOV16
Dubai – Muscat 1 weekly, last flight 29NOV16
Dubai – Peshawar 5 weekly
Dubai – Thiruvananthapuram 1 weekly, last flight 30NOV16

By 01DEC16, the remaining scheduled A330-200 route for the moment is 5 weekly Dubai – Peshawar route, although it may occasionally operate on other routes when required.