Alaska Airlines Vancouver Service Changes from Aug 2016

Alaska Airlines from 27AUG16 is increasing Mainline operation on Seattle – Vancouver route, with the addition of 2nd daily Boeing 737 service, operating during night-time hours from Seattle, morning hours from Vancouver (eff 28AUG16). Overall service will be adjusted from 6 to 5 daily at the launch of fall schedule.

AS2266 SEA0740 – 0828YVR DH4 D
AS701 SEA1055 – 1155YVR 737 D
AS2314 SEA1615 – 1701YVR DH4 D
AS2242 SEA1830 – 1918YVR DH4 D
AS705 SEA2300 – 2358YVR 737 D

AS708 YVR0600 – 0655SEA 737 D
AS2267 YVR0910 – 1003SEA DH4 D
AS702 YVR1300 – 1355SEA 737 D
AS2233 YVR1745 – 1835SEA DH4 D
AS2239 YVR1959 – 2052SEA DH4 D

Additionally, the airline is reducing Portland OR – Vancouver operation from 28AUG16, from 2 to 1 daily.

AS2450 PDX0940 – 1047YVR DH4 D
AS2435 YVR1127 – 1235PDX DH4 D