19JUL16 Update – China Southern W16 International Service Changes

China Southern today (19JUL16) gradually updated planned Northern winter 2016/17 operation on international routes, effective 30OCT16. The new season sees the launch of Adelaide and Toronto service. Planned operation as of 19JUL16 as follow.

Guangzhou – Adelaide eff 12DEC16 NEW 3 weekly
CZ663 CAN2200 – 0930+1ADL 332 136
CZ664 ADL1100 – 1740CAN 332 247
EDIT as of 2330GMT: China Southern around late-evening hours local time (19JUL16) removed Adelaide CZ663/664 booking from its website. GDS inventory also Zero'd out.

Guangzhou – Auckland Operational aircraft changes, CZ305/306 operated by 777-300ER, CZ335/336 by 787-8 (Schedule updated around Late-June/Early-July)
CZ305 CAN0030 – 1700AKL 77W D
CZ335 CAN1430 – 0700+1AKL 787 D

CZ336 AKL1000 – 1700CAN 787 D
CZ306 AKL2300 – 0600+1CAN 77W D

Guangzhou – Christchurch 12DEC16 – 27FEB17 Increase from 3 to 5 weekly
CZ617 CAN0050 – 1710CHC 787 x26
CZ618 CHC2230 – 0530+1CAN 787 x26

Guangzhou – New York JFK Service during operates 10 weekly flights, increase from 7 in W15 (Schedule updated last week)
CZ399 CAN0150 – 0430JFK 77W D
CZ699 CAN1935 – 2200JFK 77W 246

CZ600 JFK0045 – 0545+1CAN 77W 357
CZ300 JFK1040 – 1535+1CAN 77W D

Guangzhou – Toronto eff 07DEC16 NEW 3 weekly service
CZ311 CAN1430 – 1630YYZ 77W 357
CZ312 YYZ0030 – 0510+1CAN 77W 146

Previously reported changes:
Guangzhou – Perth Service operates with A330-200, replacing 787-8, 4 weekly
Guangzhou – Vancouver Boeing 787-8 operates in winter season, replacing previously planned 777-300ER