Tigerair Taiwan W16 service changes

Tigerair Taiwan last week has updated its planned winter 2016/17 schedule, effective 30OCT16. Planned changes as follow (routes with no significant changes excluded in this list).

Kaohsiung – Macau Reduce from 7 to 5 weekly (Day 36)
Kaohsiung – Osaka Kansai Increase from 3 to 4 weekly with revised schedule
IT284 KHH0915 – 1255KIX 320 x256
IT285 KIX1125 – 1415KHH 320 x256

Kaohsiung – Tokyo Narita Reduce from 4 to 3 weekly with revised schedule
IT280 KHH0845 – 1300NRT 320 256
IT281 NRT1125 – 1500KHH 320 256

Taipei Taoyuan – Daegu Operational day changes to Day x236, schedule shifts to morning departure
IT610 TPE0930 – 1245TAE 320 x236
IT611 TAE1335 – 1525TPE 320 x236

Taipei Taoyuan – Fukuoka Reduce from 7 to 5 weekly (Day x26)
Taipei Taoyuan – Hakodate Reduce from 5 to 4 weekly (Day x246)
Taipei Taoyuan – Nagoya Reduce from 7 to 4 weekly (Day x146)
Taipei Taoyuan – Osaka Kansai Operational schedule changes to 1 flight each in morning and afternoon/evening hours
IT210 TPE0655 – 1025KIX 320 D
IT212 TPE1620 – 1945KIX 320 D

IT211 KIX1130 – 1350TPE 320 256
IT211 KIX1400 – 1620TPE 320 x256
IT213 KIX2035 – 2255TPE 320 D

Taipei Taoyuan – Singapore Service operates 5 weekly with operational day changes to Day x12. During following periods this route will be served on daily basis: 26NOV16 – 04JAN17, 26JAN17 – 08FEB17
Taipei Taoyuan – Tokyo Narita Operational schedule changes from Tokyo, on 1 of 2 daily flights
IT201 NRT1125 – 1435TPE 320 x256
IT201 NRT1355 – 1715TPE 320 256

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