ANA W16 International service changes as of 24AUG16

ANA today (24AUG16) has revealed planned winter 2016/17 operation changes, effective from 30OCT16 to 25MAR17. Note some of the changes has been reported on Airlineroute in the last few weeks.

New changes:
Tokyo Haneda – Paris CDG 30OCT16 – 14FEB17 Boeing 787-8 replaces -9
Tokyo Narita – Beijing Boeing 767-300ER replaces 787-8 from 01DEC16, daily
Tokyo Narita – Manila
Boeing 777-200ER replaces 787-8 on 5 of 7 weekly flights

Following changes to be reflected in GDS in the coming weeks:
Tokyo Haneda – Bangkok Boeing 787-9 replaces -8 from 01JAN17, 2 daily
Tokyo Haneda – Beijing NH963/964 Boeing 787-8 replaces 777-200ER from 01JAN17, daily; NH961/962 Boeing 777-300ER replaces 787-9 from mid-Feb 2017
Tokyo Haneda – Manila Boeing 787-9 to replace -8 from 01DEC16 to mid-Feb 2017
Tokyo Haneda – Shanghai Hongqiao Boeing 787-8 replaces 777-200ER, daily
Tokyo Narita – Dalian Boeing 787-8 replaces 767-300ER, daily
Tokyo Narita – Mumbai Boeing 787-9 scheduled to replace -8 by mid-Feb 2017
Tokyo Narita – Shanghai Pu Dong 2 daily 767-300ER and 1 daily 787-9, replacing 2 daily 787-8 and 1 daily 767-300ER

Tokyo Narita – Delhi Boeing 787 replacing 767-300ER. Airlineroute’s report on 17AUG16 contains minor figure error, which should be corrected to the following:
30OCT16 – 01DEC16 240-seater Boeing 787-8 operating daily (C42Y198 sold as C40Y193; previously reported as -9 in error)
eff 02DEC16 215-seater Boeing 787-9 operating daily

Updated changes since last week’s schedule update:
Tokyo Haneda – Honolulu Boeing 787-8 replaced by 246-seater 787-9 from 30OCT16 (previously listed as 767 from 27NOV16)
Tokyo Haneda – Vancouver Previously not reported, 215-seater Boeing 787-9 will continue to operate in winter 2016/17 season (787-8 operated this route in winter 2015/16)
Tokyo Narita – Bangkok
NH807/808 operates with 215-seater Boeing 787-9, replacing -8, for entire winter season (Previous adjustment shows 30OCT16 – 05FEB17 only)

Previously reported changes from 30OCT16:
Tokyo Haneda – Chicago O’Hare New 1 daily 777-300ER service
NH112 HND1050 – 0740ORD 77W D
NH111 ORD1615 – 2030+1HND 77W D

Tokyo Haneda – Kuala Lumpur New 1 daily 240-seater 787-8 service
Tokyo Haneda – New York JFK New 1 daily 777-300ER service
NH110 HND1020 – 0900JFK 77W D
NH109 JFK1655 – 2110+1HND 77W D

Tokyo Narita – Chicago O’Hare
Reduce from 2 to 1 daily
Tokyo Narita – Ho Chi Minh City
New 2nd daily service with Boeing 767-300ER
Tokyo Narita – Honolulu eff 01DEC16 NH184/183 operated by 240-seater 787-8, replacing 767-300ER
Tokyo Narita – New York JFK Reduce from 2 to 1 daily
Tokyo Narita – Seattle 215-seater Boeing 787-9 replacing -8, 1 daily