United W16 International operation updates as of 27AUG16

UNITED during the weekend of 27AUG16 made additional changes to planned international operation during winter season, from 30OCT16 to 24MAR17. Latest changes as follows.

Chicago O’Hare – Brussels Boeing 767-300ER operates entire winter season. Previously 777-200ER was scheduled from 30OCT16 to 04JAN17
Chicago O’Hare – Tokyo Narita Boeing 747-400 operation revised to 30OCT16 – 04JAN17 only, 777-200ER operates on/after 05JAN17 (ORD departure)
Houston – London Heathrow Planned service reduction from 3 to 2 daily remains unchanged. Boeing 787-9 is now scheduled to operate UA005/004 from 09MAR17 to 24MAR17 (IAH departure)
Los Angeles – London Heathrow Planned Boeing 787-9 service, replacing 777-200ER, will begin from 28FEB17, instead of 09MAR17
Newark – Amsterdam Boeing 767-300ER operation extended until 03JAN17 (EWR departure). 757 operates from 04JAN17 for 2nd half of winter
Newark – Barcelona Boeing 767-300ER operates entire winter season, replacing a mix of -300ER/-400ER
Newark – Berlin Tegel Boeing 767-300ER operates entire winter season, replacing a mix of -300ER/-400ER
Newark – Brussels Boeing 767-300ER replaces 777-200ER during the following period (EWR departure): 16DEC16 – 03JAN17. The rest of winter season sees 767-400ER service (no adjustment)
Newark – Dublin Revised operational aircraft changes for 757 replacements until March 2017, including the addition of 767-400ER, in addition to previously planned -300ER and 777
29OCT16 – 03JAN17 Boeing 767-400ER
04JAN17 – 15FEB17 Boeing 767-300ER
16FEB17 – 27FEB17 Boeing 767-400ER
28FEB17 – 08MAR17 Boeing 777-200ER

Newark – London Heathrow Planned 767-400ER operation on 1 of 5 daily flight is cancelled. Service operated by Boeing 757-200 and 767-300ER. Operational aircraft assignment tailored to seasonal demand
Newark – Madrid Boeing 767-300ER operates entire winter season, replacing -300ER/-400ER mix
Newark – Milan Malpensa 16DEC16 – 08MAR17 Boeing 767-300ER replaces -400ER
Newark – Paris CDG 04JAN17 – 15FEB17 Boeing 767-300ER replaces 777-200ER
Newark – Sao Paulo Guarulhos Boeing 767-300ER replaces -400ER
San Francisco – Auckland Previously planned 787-9 service from 28FEB17, is delayed to 25MAR17
San Francisco – Chengdu 787-9 replaces -8 from 16FEB17 to 08MAR17 (18FEB17 – 10MAR17 from CTU)
San Francisco – London Heathrow Planned year-round 2 daily flights remain unchanged, however service operates with 777-200ER only, replacing 1 daily each 777 and 787-8
San Francisco – Osaka Kansai Planned reduction from 7 to 5 weekly remains unchanged, however service switches from Boeing 787-8 to:
30OCT16 – 27FEB17 Boeing 777-200ER
28FEB17 – 24MAR17 Boeing 787-9

San Francisco – Paris CDG Boeing 787-8 replaces 767-300ER, frequency varies based on seasonal demand
San Francisco – Taipei Taoyuan Boeing 747-400 operation, previously scheduled to replace 787-9 from 30OCT16 to 27FEB17, is now extended to 24MAR17
San Francisco – Tokyo Haneda Previously planned 787-9 service resumption from 09FEB17, is delayed to 28FEB17
Washington Dulles – Amsterdam Boeing 767-400ER replaces -300ER
Washington Dulles – Geneva Boeing 767-400ER replaces -300ER
Washington Dulles – London Heathrow UA924/919 Boeing 767-400ER replaces -300ER
Washington Dulles – Paris CDG Boeing 787-8 replaces 767-300ER, daily
Washington Dulles – Sao Paulo Guarulhos Boeing 767-400ER replaces -300ER, daily
Washington Dulles – Zurich Boeing 767-400ER operates entire winter season, replacing a mix of -300ER/-400ER

Note this list only focus on changes occurred during weekend of 27AUG16’s schedule update. Previously reported updates that remains unchanged, is omitted in this report.