Silver Airways schedules Cuba debut on 30AUG16

Silver Airways in recent schedule update has moved forward planned Cuba service launch to 30AUG16, 2 days earlier than previously scheduled. The carrier's first route remains unchanged, operating Ft. Lauderdale – Santa Clara. 

In addition, recent schedule update also saw the airline switching operational flight numbers (new flight number range: 3M100 - 199) and revised schedule to Cuba.

eff 30AUG16 Ft. Lauderdale – Santa Clara 3 weekly (Day 146; Daily from 13OCT16)
3M001 FLL1115 – 1215SNU SF3 30AUG16

eff 01SEP16
3M100 FLL0745 – 0926SNU SF3 x6
3M100 FLL1215 – 1400SNU SF3 6

3M101 SNU1016 – 1157FLL SF3 x6
3M101 SNU1500 – 1641FLL SF3 6

Schedule listed above is effective to 29OCT16. Revised schedule in effect from 30OCT16. JetBlue Airways previously scheduled to launch this route on 31AUG16, which would become the first US carrier to operate nonstop service to Cuba in more than 50 years. For high quality screenshot of Silver Airways' website displaying reservation opening on 30AUG16, click here.

Schedules listed below for new service on/after October, is effective from 19NOV16 for reference only.

eff 13OCT16 Ft. Lauderdale – Camaguey 5 weekly
3M104 FLL0955 – 1148CMW SF3 7
3M104 FLL1255 – 1448CMW SF3 x157

3M105 CMW1238 – 1428FLL SF3 7
3M105 CMW1535 – 1725FLL SF3 x157

eff 21OCT16 Ft. Lauderdale – Cienfuegos 2 weekly. NEW schedule for Day 5 service, departing in afternoon hours instead of late-afternoon/evening
3M106 FLL1240 – 1419CFG SF3 1
3M106 FLL1406 – 1545CFG SF3 5

3M107 CFG15091 – 1642FLL SF3 1
3M107 CFG1635 – 1808FLL SF3 5

eff 27OCT16 Ft. Lauderdale – Holguin 1 daily
3M108 FLL0910 – 1114HOG SF3 D
3M109 HOG1204 – 1410FLL SF3 D

eff 03NOV16 Ft. Lauderdale – Santiago de Cuba 1 daily, NEW schedule operating in morning/noon hours instead of afternoon
3M098 FLL0915 – 1133SCU SF3 D
3M099 SCU1223 – 1443FLL SF3 D

eff 17NOV16 Ft. Lauderdale – Cayo Coco 3 weekly
3M028 FLL1245 – 1432CCC SF3 246
3M028 CCC1520 – 1702FLL SF3 246

eff 02DEC16 Ft. Lauderdale – Varadero 4 weekly. NEW schedule sees operating schedule shifting from early-afternoon to mid-afternoon from FLL
3M102 FLL1410 – 1531VRA SF3 1
3M102 FLL1500 – 1621VRA SF3 357

3M103 VRA1621 – 1735FLL SF3 1
3M103 VRA1701 – 1815FLL SF3 357

eff 10DEC16 Ft. Lauderdale – Cayo Largo 1 weekly
3M112 FLL0830 – 1013CYO SF3 6
3M113 CYO1103 – 1236FLL SF3 6

eff 16DEC16 Ft. Lauderdale – Manzanillo 3 weekly. NEW schedule unified to morning departure
3M096 FLL0815 – 1020MZO SF3 235
3M097 MZO1110 – 1316FLL SF3 235

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