TAP Portugal network expansion from June 2017

TAP Portugal today (06DEC16) announced a number of planned service expansions for the summer 2017 season, including a number of service resumptions. Planned operations as follows.

Lisbon – Toronto eff 10JUN17 5 weekly A330-200. Service last offered in October 1994
TP259 LIS1905 – 2220YYZ 332 x24
TP258 YYZ0010 – 1215LIS 332 x35

Service operates 3 weekly from 04OCT17 (Day 357), for winter season

Lisbon – Alicante eff 10JUN17 1 daily ATR72
TP1122 LIS0940 – 1245ALC AT7 D
TP1123 ALC1330 – 1500LIS AT7 D

Service operates 5 weekly from 29OCT17 (Day x26)

Lisbon – Bucharest eff 02JUL17 6 weekly A319/320. Service last offered in March 2016
TP1324 LIS0015 – 0615OTP 319 x25
TP1322 LIS1045 – 1645OTP 320 5

TP1325 OTP0700 – 0935LIS 319 x25
TP1323 OTP1730 – 2005LIS 320 5

Service operates 5 weekly (TP1324/1325) from 27SEP17, operational schedule varies from 29OCT17

Lisbon – Budapest eff 01JUL17 1 daily A319. Service last offered in April 2016
TP1312 LIS1035 – 1505BUD 319 x56
TP1310 LIS2355 – 0425+1BUD 319 56

TP1311 BUD0550 – 0835LIS 319 67
TP1315 BUD1550 – 1835LIS 319 x56

Service operates 5 weekly (TP1312/1315 Day 247, TP1310/1311) from 29OCT17

Lisbon – Gran Canaria/Las Palmas eff 10JUN17 1 daily Embraer E190. This destination was previously served by TAP in summer 1994 season with Funchal – Gran Canaria/Las Palmas seasonal flight
TP1116 LIS1040 – 1300LPA E90 D
TP1119 LPA1340 – 1605LIS E90 D

Service operates 6 weekly (Day x1) from 26SEP17 to 28OCT17, daily on/after 29OCT17

Lisbon – Stuttgart eff 10JUN17 2 daily Embraer E190. This destination was previously served by PGA Portugalia in summer 2005
TP522 LIS1345 – 1800STR E90 D
TP524 LIS1905 – 2320STR E90 D

TP527 STR0600 – 0810LIS E90 D
TP523 STR1840 – 2050LIS E90 D

Service operates 13 weekly (TP524 Day x7 / TP 527 Day x1) from 19SEP17, 12 weekly (TP522/523 Day x2, TP524/527 Day x7/x1) from 29OCT17

For the summer 2017 season, other planned service increases include:
Lisbon – Manchester eff 11JUN17 Increase from 1 to 2 daily
Lisbon – Moscow Domodedovo eff 11JUN17 Increase from 5 to 7 weekly