Thai A380 March 2017 Japan service changes

Thai Airways International on Monday (23JAN17) adjusted planned Airbus A380 service to Japan, for the month of March 2017. Planned 2nd daily A380 service for Bangkok – Tokyo Narita from 01MAR17 to 25MAR17 (TG640/641), is being cancelled. The A380 is now scheduled to serve Bangkok – Nagoya Chubu on limited-time basis, on TG644/645, from 02MAR17 to 25MAR17.

TG644 BKK0005 – 0730NGO 380 D
TG646 BKK1045 – 1810NGO 787 x23

TG647 NGO0030 – 0510BKK 787 x34
TG645 NGO1100 – 1540BKK 380 D