Sun Air ends Bremen - UK routes in Feb 2017

British Airways franchise carrier Sun Air of Scandinavia next week is ending service at Bremen, where it currently serves up to 2 daily (weekdays only) to London City, and 7 weekly to Manchester. Last flight is currently scheduled on 24FEB17.

Bremen – London City
BA8225 BRE0835 – 0905LCY D38 x67
BA8227 BRE1835 – 1905LCY D38 x67

BA8226 LCY0935 – 1205BRE D38 x67
BA8228 LCY1935 – 2205BRE D38 x67

Bremen – Manchester
BA8237 BRE0755 – 0825MAN FRJ 1
BA8239 BRE1715 – 1745MAN FRJ x67
BA8239 BRE1845 – 1915MAN FRJ 7

BA8238 MAN0855 – 1125BRE FRJ 1
BA8240 MAN1545 – 1815BRE FRJ 7
BA8240 MAN1815 – 2045BRE FRJ x67