United domestic routes addition from June 2017

United during the weekend of 24FEB17’s schedule update opened reservation for a number of new (and/or resumed) routes for its domestic network, set to commence from 08JUN17 (selected routes commencing on 01AUG17, some inbound flight commences on 09JUN17).

Planned new routes addition as follow.

Chicago O’Hare – Champaign 3 daily Embraer ERJ145
UA3890 ORD1215 – 1310CMI ERJ D
UA3967 ORD1550 – 1645CMI ERJ D
UA3971 ORD2055 – 2150CMI ERJ D

UA3855 CMI0545 – 0648ORD ERJ D
UA3890 CMI1345 – 1448ORD ERJ D
UA3967 CMI1720 – 1823ORD ERJ D

Chicago O’Hare – Charlottesville 1 daily CRJ200
UA5259 ORD1745 – 2027CHO CRJ D
UA5234 CHO0700 – 0747ORD CRJ D

Chicago O’Hare – Columbia MO eff 01AUG17 2 daily CRJ200
UA5490 ORD1245 – 1507COU CRJ D
UA5371 ORD1915 – 2037COU CRJ D

UA5366 COU0530 – 0645ORD CRJ D
UA5490 COU1515 – 1630ORD CRJ D

Chicago O’Hare – Reno 1 daily seasonal A319 service until 05SEP17 (ORD departure)
UA2403 ORD1935 – 2149RNO 319 D
UA2402 RNO2320 – 0530+1ORD 319 D

Chicago O’Hare – Rochester MN 3 daily Embraer ERJ145
UA3978 ORD0920 – 1038RST ERJ D
UA4246 ORD1215 – 1333RST ERJ D
UA4374 ORD1930 – 2048RST ERJ D

UA4397 RST0535 – 0646ORD ERJ D
UA3978 RST1130 – 1241ORD ERJ D
UA4246 RST1403 – 1514ORD ERJ D

Chicago O’Hare – Spokane 1 daily A320
UA2427 ORD1930 – 2120GEG 320 D
UA2395 GEG2340 – 0503+1ORD 320 D

Denver – Columbia MO eff 01AUG17 1 daily CRJ200
UA5278 DEN1955 – 2248COU CRJ D
UA5269 COU0600 – 0702DEN CRJ D

Denver – San Luis Obispo 1 daily Embraer ERJ175
UA5529 DEN1910 – 2048SBP E7W D
UA5676 SBP0540 – 0906DEN E7W D           

Houston – Springfield MO 2 daily Embraer ERJ145
UA4214 IAH1145 – 1318SGF ERJ D
UA3860 IAH1915 – 2047SGF ERJ D

UA4298 SGF0615 – 0750IAH ERJ D
UA4214 SGF1440 – 1615IAH ERJ D

Newark – Sacramento 1 daily A319
UA2411 EWR1900 – 2157SMF 319 D
UA2419 SMF2145 – 0557+1EWR 319 D

San Francisco – Hartford 1 daily A319
UA2410 SFO2230 – 0653+1BDL 319 D
UA2409 BDL0630 – 0946SFO 319 D

San Francisco – Santa Rosa daily CRJ200
UA5703 SFO1245 – 1330STS CRJ D
UA5707 SFO1555 – 1640STS CRJ D
UA5709 SFO2230 – 2315STS CRJ D

UA5738 STS0600 – 0639SFO CRJ D
UA5740 STS1405 – 1444SFO CRJ D
UA5746 STS1720 – 1759SFO CRJ D

San Francisco – Spokane 2 daily Embraer ERJ175
UA5606 SFO1040 – 1235GEG E7W D
UA5649 SFO1915 – 2110GEG E7W D

UA5319 GEG0600 – 0804SFO E7W D
UA5606 GEG1320 – 1524SFO E7W D

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