Thai Smile updates planned S17 regional expansions

Thai Smile in summer 2017 season further expands regional service, based on recent schedule update. This includes additional new route to Cebu, Phnom Penh and Yangon, as well as additional flights to Penang. Planned service as follow.

Bangkok – Cebu eff 03MAY17 NEW 1 daily service
TG2626 BKK0720 – 1215CEB 32S 357
TG2626 BKK1340 – 1825CEB 32S x357

TG2627 CEB1320 – 1610BKK 32S 357
TG2627 CEB1950 – 2240BKK 32S x357

Bangkok – Penang eff 05MAY17 Increase from 7 to 10 weekly
TG2427 BKK1200 – 1445PEN 32S 567
TG2425 BKK1925 – 2210PEN 32S D

TG2426 PEN0800 – 0845BKK 32S D
TG2428 PEN1545 – 1630BKK 32S 567

Bangkok – Phnom Penh eff 26MAR17 4 weekly service, in addition to existing Mainline operation
TG2582 BKK1350 – 1500PNH 320 x246
TG2583 PNH1600 – 1705BKK 320 x246

Bangkok – Yangon eff 26MAR17 1 daily. THAI Mainline service reduces from 3 to 2 daily
TG2301 BKK1315 – 1410RGN 32S D
TG2302 RGN1500 – 1655BKK 32S D

Previously reported new routes (or overall resumed service, previously served by THAI Mainline), are available for bookings, since Feb 2017:

Bangkok – Chittagong eff 26MAR17 3 weekly (4 weekly from 03MAY17)
TG2355 BKK1920 – 2055CGP 32S x246
TG2356 CGP2155 – 0115+1BKK 32S x246

Bangkok – Kota Kinabalu eff 26MAR17 NEW 1 daily service
TG2421 BKK0750 – 1210BKI 32S x357
TG2421 BKK1340 – 1720BKI 32S 357

TG2422 BKI1300 – 1505BKK 32S x357
TG2422 BKI1830 – 2015BKK 32S 357

Bangkok – Luang Prabang eff 01OCT17 4 weekly
TG2576 BKK1225 – 1400LPQ 32S x246
TG2577 LPQ1450 – 1625BKK 32S x246