S7 Airlines S17 Embraer E170 operations as of 06MAR17

Russian carrier S7 Airlines recently updated planned Embraer E170 operation, set to enter operation on 01APR17, one week later than previously scheduled. Operational frequency by the E170 on following routes, including effective date, also sees minor revision.

Moscow Domodedovo – Astrakhan eff 02JUN17 4 weekly (1 daily from 02SEP17)
Moscow Domodedovo – Nizhniy Novgorod eff 01APR17 1 daily
Moscow Domodedovo – Petrozavodsk eff 01JUN17 3 weekly (1 daily from 30AUG17)
Moscow Domodedovo – St. Petersburg eff 06MAY17 1 daily
Moscow Domodedovo – Voronezh eff 01APR17 2 daily
Novosibirsk – Almaty 27JUL17 – 21SEP17 1 weekly
Novosibirsk – Bishkek eff 01APR17 1 daily
Novosibirsk – Ekaterinburg eff 03APR17 3 weekly (1 daily from 30MAY17)
Novosibirsk – Gorno-Altaysk eff 23APR17 2 weekly (3 weekly from 24MAY17)
Novosibirsk – Nizhnevartovsk eff 05APR17 2 weekly (4 weekly from 24APR17)
Novosibirsk – Nojabrsk eff 02APR17 2 weekly
Novosibirsk – Novy Urengoy eff 03APR17 2 weekly
Novosibirsk – Osh eff 29MAY17 1 daily
Novosibirsk – Shymkent eff 01APR17 1 weekly (2 weekly from 02MAY17)
Novosibirsk – Surgut eff 06APR17 2 weekly (5 weekly from 29APR17)
Novosibirsk – Tyumen eff 01APR17 2 weekly (3 weekly from 27APR17)
Novosibirsk – Ust-Kamenogorsk eff 03APR17 2 weekly
St. Petersburg – Berlin Tegel eff 09MAY17 3 weekly
St. Petersburg – Bryansk eff 07MAY17 2 weekly
St. Petersburg – Kaliningrad eff 07MAY17 3 weekly
Tyumen – Salekhard eff 01APR17 2 weekly (3 weekly from 22APR17)

Previously planned E170 service has been removed for summer season:
Moscow Domodedovo – Nizhnekamsk A319 continues daily service from 29APR17

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