Emirates extends US service reductions in 2Q17

Emirates in recent inventory update gradually reducing operations to the US. Frequency reductions for selected market, previously scheduled as seasonal, will now be extended to permanent basis.

Dubai – Boston eff 02JUN17 Reduce from 2 to 1 daily, EK239/240 closed for bookings
Dubai – Ft. Lauderdale eff 05JUN17 Reduce from 7 to 5 weekly, Day 13 closed for bookings
Dubai – Los Angeles Previously planned service reduction from 01MAY17 to 30JUN17, is being extended indefinitely. EK217/218 no longer available for bookings on/after 01JUL17 as well
Dubai – Orlando eff 06JUN17 Reduce from 7 to 6 weekly, Day 2 closed for bookings. Further reduction to 5 weekly, Day 4 closed for bookings from 15JUN17
Dubai – Seattle eff 01JUN17Reduce from 11-12 to 7 weekly, EK227/228 closed for bookings