bmi Regional assumes selected brussels airlines service in W17

bmi Regional at the launch of winter 2017/18 season is assuming selected brussels airlines’ service, including flights to Bristol and Nuremberg, effective 29OCT17.

Brussels – Bristol up to 3 daily on weekdays
BM2002 BRU0950 – 1005BRS ER4 x67
BM2006 BRU1640 – 1655BRS ER4 x67
BM2008 BRU2120 – 2135BRS ER4 x6

BM2001 BRS0605 – 0820BRU ER4 x7
BM2003 BRS1040 – 1255BRU ER4 x67
BM2007 BRS1730 – 1945BRU ER4 x6

Brussels – Nuremberg 6 weekly
BM2025 BRU1530 – 1635NUE ER4 x6
BM2026 NUE1710 – 1815BRU ER4 x6

brussels airlines will continue to serve both routes as codeshare service.