Air France S18 Long-haul service changes as of 25OCT17

Air France this month made additional adjustments to its planned summer 2018 long-haul schedule, including additional frequencies for Bangkok and Seoul. Selected changes reflected in previous update, while some reflected earlier this week. Planned changes as of 25OCT17 as follow.

Paris CDG – Bangkok eff 25MAR18 Increase from 3 to 5 weekly for summer season, operational aircraft switching from 468-seater 777-300ER to 312-seater 777-200ER
Paris CDG – Boston eff 25MAR18 AF334/333 operated by 777-200ER on Day 246, instead of -300ER (Previous plan: daily 777-300ER)
Paris CDG – Douala – Malabo eff 25MAR18 5 weekly 777-200ER service, replacing 3 weekly 777 and 2 weekly A330-200
Paris CDG – Seoul Incheon eff 01MAY18 Increase from 7 to 10 weekly. New flight operated by 3-class 777-200ER
AF264 CDG1311 – 0700+1ICN 77W D
AF262 CDG1850 – 1250+1ICN 772 257

AF267 ICN0855 – 1350CDG 77W D
AF261 ICN1440 – 1935CDG 772 136

Paris CDG – Washington Dulles A380 operation on AF054/055 moves 1 week earlier than planned, from 04JUN18 to 30SEP18 (Previous plan: 10JUN18 – 03OCT18)

Air France once again in summer 2018 season operates 3-class high density 777-200ER (J16W24Y276) aircraft on following routes. The Skyteam member has been operating this configuration type since summer 2015, however it was not specifically identified on Airlineroute.

Paris CDG – Bangui – Yaounde – Paris CDG 17JUL18 – 17AUG18 2 weekly
Paris CDG – Beirut 13JUL18 – 20AUG18 AF562/561 Daily (316-seater last served in S16, and one-time in S17)
Paris CDG – Buenos Aires Ezeiza 13JUL18 – 20AUG18 Daily
Paris CDG – Douala – Malabo 14JUL18 – 18AUG18 3 weekly (First year of 316-seater operation)
Paris CDG – Lima 14JUL18 – 18AUG18 2 weekly
Paris CDG – Minneapolis/St. Paul 13JUL18 – 20AUG18 Daily (First year of 316-seater operation)
Paris CDG – Montreal 14JUL18 – 19AUG18 AF342/347 3 weekly
Paris CDG – New York JFK 15JUL18 – 20AUG18 AF022/023 2 weekly, AF008/009 3 weekly
Paris CDG – San Francisco 13JUL18 – 20AUG18 AF082/085 3 weekly
Paris CDG – Sao Paulo Guarulhos 14JUL18 – 18AUG18 AF454/457 2 weekly
Paris CDG – Shanghai Pu Dong 13JUL18 – 20AUG18 AF112/117 Daily
Paris CDG – Tokyo Haneda 13JUL18 – 19AUG18 AF272/279 5 weekly
Paris CDG – Wuhan 14JUL18 – 20AUG18 4 weekly (316-seater last served in S16)

Previously reported changes:
Paris CDG – Bogota eff 25MAR18 787-9 replaces A340-300
Paris CDG – Guangzhou
eff 25MAR18 787-9 replaces 777-200ER. 5 weekly service maintained in peak season, instead of 7 weekly
Paris CDG – Nairobi
eff 25MAR18 Service resumption since March 2000, 3 weekly 787-9 service
Paris CDG – Osaka Kansai eff 07MAY18 787-9 replaces 777-200ER
Paris CDG – San Jose (Costa Rica)
Service extends to year-round, with following operation:
26MAR18 – 30APR18 3 weekly 777-300ER
01MAY18 – 24OCT18 2 weekly 777-200ER

Paris CDG – Seattle eff 25MAR18 NEW 3-class 777-200ER service, 3 weekly (5 weekly 19JUN18 – 02SEP18)

Previously reported, following routes to be operated by JOON with A340-300 equipment. Earlier this month the airline added IATA code “JN” to identify JOON-operating flights. Flights remain bookable under AF-coded flight number:

Paris CDG – Fortaleza eff 04MAY18 2 weekly, subject to Government Approval
Paris CDG – Mahe Island eff 05MAY18 3 weekly