Adria plans Munich – Berne from Nov 2017

Adria Airways next week is introducing new service to Switzerland, with the opening of Munich – Berne route. There will be up to 2 daily flights being served from 06NOV17, on board Adria Airways Switzerland (Darwin Airlines) Saab 2000 aircraft.

JP133 MUC0810 – 0910BRN S20 x67
JP147 MUC1810 – 1910BRN S20 x67
JP147 MUC1905 – 2005BRN S20 7

JP132 BRN0630 – 0730MUC S20 x67
JP146 BRN1640 – 1740MUC S20 x67
JP146 BRN1735 – 1835MUC S20 7