Mandarin Airlines outlines ATR72 operation in 1Q18

China Airlines’ subsidiary Mandarin Airlines this week in the GDS filed preliminary ATR72 operational schedule, tentatively to commence on 01MAR18. The ATR72 will initially operating domestic Taiwan service, from Kaohsiung and Taichung, replacing Embraer E190. Accompanied by the aircraft adjustment, selected routes will see increasing flight frequencies.

Kaohsiung – Hualien eff 01MAR18 ATR72 replaces Embraer E190, 1 daily with revised schedule (earlier departure)
AE7931 KHH1205 – 1305HUN AT7 D
AE7932 HUN1335 – 1435KHH AT7 D

Kaohsiung – Magong eff 01MAR18 ATR72 replaces Embraer E190, increase from 7-10 weekly to 42 weekly
AE341 KHH0705 – 0745MZG AT7 D
AE343 KHH0930 – 1010MZG AT7 D
AE345 KHH1255 – 1335MZG AT7 D
AE347 KHH1510 – 1550MZG AT7 D
AE349 KHH1730 – 1810MZG AT7 D
AE351 KHH1850 – 1930MZG AT7 D

AE342 MZG0820 – 0900KHH AT7 D
AE344 MZG1040 – 1120KHH AT7 D
AE346 MZG1130 – 1210KHH AT7 D
AE348 MZG1620 – 1700KHH AT7 D
AE352 MZG1730 – 1810KHH AT7 D
AE350 MZG1850 – 1930KHH AT7 D

Taichung – Hualien eff 02MAR18 ATR72 replaces Embraer E190, 3 weekly with unified schedule at evening hours
AE731 RMQ1830 – 1930HUN AT7 357
AE732 HUN2000 – 2100RMQ AT7 357

Taichung – Kinmen eff 01MAR18 ATR72 replaces Embraer E190, increase from 3 to 4 daily
AE763 RMQ0720 – 0820KNH AT7 D
AE765 RMQ0950 – 1050KNH AT7 D
AE767 RMQ1310 – 1410KNH AT7 D
AE769 RMQ1520 – 1620KNH AT7 D

AE764 KNH0850 – 0950RMQ AT7 D
AE766 KNH1120 – 1220RMQ AT7 D
AE768 KNH1450 – 1550RMQ AT7 D
AE770 KNH1650 – 1750RMQ AT7 D

Taichung – Magong eff 01MAR18 ATR72 replaces Embraer E190, increase from 1 to 3 daily
AE779 RMQ0710 – 0750MZG AT7 D
AE781 RMQ1020 – 1100MZG AT7 D
AE783 RMQ1620 – 1700MZG AT7 D

AE780 MZG0830 – 0910RMQ AT7 D
AE782 MZG1410 – 1450RMQ AT7 D
AE784 MZG2010 – 2050RMQ AT7 D